Tackling Vintage

I love vintage clothing. There's something so fascinating in wearing an item that you know has some history in it. And the plus side, no one will wear the same thing as you! It's special. But finding that one perfect item can be quite a work. There are some great stores out there who do all the hard work though (my local fave is Vernal Vintage and BonVieux). Stitching the loose strands, get rid of the stains, or change the entire buttons because one was missing, making sure that item is ready to wear.

Despite the hard work, a vintage item is a treasure to own. And if you have the time to go to all those flea markets, digging through dozens of racks, I promise you, it will yield some amazing steals. Like this dress which I found in Chaktucak Market for only 150 baht (less than US$5) and I can honestly tell you, this dress is one of the loveliest thing I have in my closet, and probably the cheapest.

Now to the fun part. Dressing up. So I have this dress, right? It's a darling and yes, it looks a bit costume-y if I wear it as it is. Working vintage clothes and accesories into our outfit is fun, but it has to be kept in check (unless you're like me, whose aim is to dress like I just stepped out of a time capsule, click Vintage Dressing 101 for that). Limit yourself to one vintage piece per outfit and update your ensemble with on-trend items. A vintage blouse is an investment, at least for me, because it fits perfectly with my style, and with a trendy skirt, for example, a solid black skater skirt and a pair of heels, I got myself a classic getup that is perfect for a Sunday brunch or a family day out. 

A dress is quite difficult to tackle. What you can do is add an outer and accesories which can transform the whole outfit completely. A boyfriend blazer, leather jacket, or ankle booties, anything to make it less era specific. For those who are not comfortable in wearing someone else's discard clothing, but still itching to try, vintage accesory is your answer. Pearls, victorian pins, bags, or even a belt. All can work their way to give a little vintage shine on your ensemble.

Thank you for reading and have a great Monday, all!

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