Lacamera Coffee Bandung Review

Hello, first of all, apologies for such poor quality pictures. I had no idea the place would be so sleek and stylish so I left my camera at home.

 A few days ago, I went to Lacamera Coffee to catch up with a friend who is on a summer break from her school in Beijing. It's a relatively new place I guess, since I haven't heard about this place at all. At first glance, it has an inviting ambience that makes you want to stay all day long. I have no complains about the decor. I think it was executed well and spacious (maybe a little too spacious?). The menus are okay, pretty standard covering pastas and a great range of drinks. Lacamera Coffee focuses on savory waffles that are stacked like a burger. Unfortunately, I didn't have any picture of it but my friend said it was pretty good with a big portion.

My pesto was too salty and the pasta was way too chewy I had to returned it to the kitchen. Even after that, it was still too salty. So I suggest to order waffles. For drinks, red velvet coffee is a favorite. As well as java chips. I ordered the house specials which is Lacamera mint coffee. It was way a tad too minty for me but overall tastes good. Price ranges from 28k to 35k for drinks and pastas. I didn't pay attention for the waffles. I'm guessing around that range too.

In my opinion, Lacamera Coffee will be a perfect place for a coffee break with some gal pals. Not a very good idea for a romantic date.. Maybe a first date? This place does have a that cool laid-back ambience. And there's a live music performance too every Wednesday night. I'm not a big fan of live music, cause it's kind of difficult to talk.

Have a great weekend!

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Lacamera Coffe, Jalan Naripan no. 79, Bandung.
(022) 4210 200

Sweater Gal

I just can't enough of good sweaters. A sweater gal, you can say. I love the laid-back and comfy vibe but you can always dress it up with structural pieces such as this shorts from Persunmall and a boxy clutch. Add some drop earrings, a shiny bracelet if you must, and it's one appropriate outfit for a dinner with the girls.

It's midweek and it's one long day for me.
Have a great day, all!

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multicolor sweater - c/o LeBijou , blue shorts - c/o Persunmall , earrings and bracelet - bought in Bangkok , oversized clutch - Diana Ferrari, heels - bought in Hong Kong

How to Wear a Midi Skirt

Midi skirts aren't the most flattering item. But it does have its own charms. I love the demure and lady-like feel when I'm wearing a midi skirt. It's not impossible for a short Asian to pull off this challenging item! Below are some of my tips.

(1) The length
Make sure it hits just right after the biggest part of your calf. Other than that, it might make you look bulky and shorter.

(2) The top
Your top should be cropped or tucked in. Short sleeves or no sleeve is preferred. Avoid wearing long top outside the skirt cause it just looks weird..  Something with low cleavage is preferred too! A bustier or a simple v-neck t-shirt will do the trick.

(3) The jewelries
Opt for classical pieces. Stay away from too much bling. Unless your skirt and top is plain, make sure to go simple. Your skirt is a statement already :)

(4) The bag
For bags selection, choose any shape you want. For a more modern look, opt for a boxy clutch. For a more girl next door vibe, a sling bag will do. Avoid a backpack though. And make sure your bag is a small to medium size for that polished look you want.

(5) The shoes
A midi cuts off a lot of leg, make sure to wear heels unless you're supermodel tall. Avoid wedges (it makes your feet looks thicker) and anything ankle-strap (it cuts off even more leg). Best and easiest choice is a pointy heels to elongate your figure.

I hope all of you are well! I'm having the worst headache. I guess I catch the Monday blue bug! Boohoo.

Let's have a healthier week ahead!

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v-neck tee - Giordano, midi skirt - Vernal Vintage, watch - Guess,
 sling bag - Coach, pointy heels - BTC

Pinafore Weekend

So happy to finally dressed in a pinafore! Which is the perfect ensemble for a relaxing weekend with your favorite people. This week has been a sleepy one. I haven't been able to sleep properly for the last three days and can only hope that I will get a good night sleep tonight so I can enjoy my weekend. Anyway, what do you think of a pinafore? I think it has a such a preppy, girl next door vibe which is probably why I love it so much. And I'm sorry about the wrinkles on the skirt part. I own an iron, I promise you.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

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white crocheted top - Forever21, black pinafore - Montgomery Boutique, pink bag, bracelet, and ring - c/o , white sandals - Charles & Keith

Still Mixing Prints

On the day I shot this outfit, I left my memory card at home. Don't you just hate it when that happens? But when life hand you lemons, you make lemonade. I ended up shooting the video with my iphone and I'm actually content with the end result. I hope you like it too! :)

It's a quirk of mine but I love it when I have an outfit that consists of almost all sponsored items! The top and the skirt is a match made in heaven for mixing prints. Thanks to Persunmall for this two adorable items. I love the mod vibe the top has while the cat prints on the skirt is just super fun to twirl in with! And let's not forget my utmost loyal local sponsor . They have a great range of bags and jewelries all in super affordable price.

Have a lovely midweek, all!

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top and cat printed skirt - c/o Persunmall , vintage bag and white bangle - c/o , kitty flats - Rubi

Back to School Outfit Essentials

Hello, Monday!
After a long blissful holiday, we all must go back to our daily routine. Some of you might be going back to school and I can only thank God that those times are behind me, but it's still fun to dress up as if I am going to a class. Hence, here are some of my essentials for a back to school outfit that will make your first day of school less scary.

(1) Short sleeves shirt
This shirt is the epitome of a shirt. I am in love with the oversized cut, the cool pastel green color, and especially the mirrored rabbit. Thanks to Chicnova for this pretty top! This item has enough cuteness to get me through the long hour of lecture :)

(2) Knee-length skirt
I preferred the one with an A-line or a circle cut. I tend to avoid tight skirts or a mini because I don't think I have enough brainpower to concentrate with the confusing formula AND making sure I don't flash my undies. This lace-y number is the perfect combo with the top. The texture gives enough sophistication to the outfit while the color oozes a calming effect. Again, this one is also from the kind Chicnova.

(3) Cool backpack
Let's admit it, backpack is not the most graceful nor the most chic bag there is. But, you have to admit, this underrated bag does have plenty of space for your text books and lunch box. There are so many hip backpacks out there. From neon, studded, even with tribal prints. I choose a neutral brown color with some prints to add a little bit of character.

(4) Trusty Flats
Ballet flats, slip in, loafers, brogue, oxfords, you name it. Anything with no heels are comfortable enough to walk in all day long so you can get to your classes with zero trouble. I personally love a soft ballet flats but my super girly outfit screams for a little more structure so I beckoned my trusty vintage loafers.

(5) Delicate Accesorizing
When it comes to jewelries, I choose ones that has enough sweetness but won't get in the way of my busy schedule. For example, I often avoid long necklaces with big pendant because I tend to run when I'm late and those pendants can hit my face in a blink of an eye. Rings are the easiest but big rings often make it difficult to fish out your note books from your backpack. So choose wisely. Make sure to wear a watch too so you won't be late for a test.

And that's all from me. Five essentials for your back to school days. You might also want to try paying attention to your hair. Bows, headbands, or even a beanie can make their way to your outfit and add even more stylish points. You can also give a fresh air to your socks by buying them in cute prints or even try a lace details.

I hope schools and works and your usual daily routine are treating you well. Worry not, we still have Christmas and New Year to look forward too! 

Have a great day, all!

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bow headclip - from a friend, mirrored rabbit shirt & lace skirt with bow belt c/o Chicnova, vintage loafers - bought in Melbourne, bag & watch & rings - c/o

Happy Weekend!

Weekend is finally here and I'm sure you all excited to slip in into something more relaxed than the usual office attire. I hope you all will have a great weekend. Mine will be a tiresome one but it will be fun at the same time. We have another Little Act for Smile Campaign. Which originated from my cell group community. Basically we just try to put on a smile to someone else's face this weekend and share it online to deliver the message.

So let's smile through the weekend! :)

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white shirt - from Bangkok, watch, belt and bag - c/o, tosca pleated skirt - Helo Strangers, shoes - from Hong Kong

All Things Pink

I can honestly tell you how I used to avoid pink at all cost. It was my I-love-black days (still like black, it's a versatile color) but it was more than five years ago. Now, my closet seems to have a pink item here and there. And this oversized bow is just the latest addition to this uber girly color collection of mine. It's amazing what five years can take you. I cannot wait to see how my wardrobe will look like in the next five years! :)

Happy midweek, all.

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bow clip - c/o Nuitta (visit her instagram @nuitta) , white top - from Mom, polkadot dress - Lucedale, pink bag & bracelet- c/o

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