Out of Goodbyes

This picture is meant to be blurry, my darling bloggers (a complete lie. I had no idea it was blurry from camera little screen!) to add a little sense of mystery and coolness. Oh my. I can't even lie correctly anymore! That is not a good sign.

Somehow I managed to steer away from self-absorbing and vain activity of taking pictures of myself with my camera. And I found myself not missing it. How sad! I sincerely apologize for all unreplied comments. I'll get back to you soon! And sorry for the boring indoor pictures. This thesis thingy is crazy. Good news is, I'll be free as soon as 15 December (due date to collect soft copy of myt hesis) whether it will be a good news ("I finished it!") or a bad news ("I didn't finish and forced to extend." Hopefully not!) I will be back to my regular blogging schedule.

For now, I'm out of goodbyes!

I have been obsessed with baby collar lately and finding myself buying tops with that type. I never really like spotty stuff. I don't think I owned anything polka dots except for this top (since it has a baby collar!).

Another dancing video! I know. I have been quite addicted to this useless activity. Somehow I found myself able to dance to 7 songs right now! Here is one of them. And it's an old song. But it is super catchy and super . . . meaningless. But fun anyway! The song is Bo Peep by T-ara.

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