Altero Bistronomie Bandung

Altero Bistronomie Bandung

Hi, everyone.

Visited Altero Bistronomie Bandung for a lunch date on a Sunday. We didn’t book ahead but we did arrive at Altero Bistronomie Bandung around 11.30 so finding a table was easy. 

Altero Bistronomie Bandung

Review altero bistro bdg

Altero Bistro Bdg

Upon first impression, Altero Bistronomie Bandung looks very nice. It has that classic Italian/French restaurant vibe with all the woods and the flooring and the tiny curtain dividing the booth like tables. We were seated right away and place was actually kinda empty for a Sunday. 

Altero Bistronomie Cipaganti Bandung

Altero Bistronomie

Indoor is quite cramped but it does have the cooling air condition. But the outdoor is also quite pleasant with all the space and the tiny fountain. 

Altero Bistronomie Cipaganti bandung

Altero bistronomie bdg smoking area

Altero bistronomie bdg

Menu altero bistronomie bdg
We ordered two main dish and two drinks.

Mushroom fettucini altero bistronomie bdg

I ordered Mushroom Fettuccini (Rp 70k) and it did not disappoint. The creamy sauce is perfectly balanced. Wish they can include a protein of some kind tho. But if you don’t eat any meat, than this can be an option.

Chicken and mushroom altero bistronomie bdg

Husband ordered Chicken and Mushroom (Rp 75k) and this one is also delicious. The chicken is well seasoned and fragrant without that chicken smell. It was nicely cooked too; not dry and tender. The mushroom is also well seasoned. Overall a great dish but portion is way too small. I would prefer they increased the price and increase the portion size too. Also, I wish they will add a carb of some kind, like a mashed potato would be a good option.

For drinks, my husband ordered Golden Fleece (Rp 55k) and it came in this super fun glass. It tastes good! Sweet and refreshing. Altho with the amount of ice they put, I think we only get about 200ml of drinks.

I ordered Halcyon Days (Rp 45k) mainly because my Animal Crossing Island is named Halcyon but also because the waiter recommend it. At the first few sips it was really good but then after that I started to get bothered with the licorice like aftertaste, it’s the taste you get after drinking cough syrup. If you don’t like licorice, def don’t order this.

Altero Bistronomie Cipaganti Bandung review

Over all we had a pleasant time at Altero Bistronomie Bandung and will definitely come back. Food and drinks come out fast. Service was 10/10. And parking was quite spacious. Best part, it’s not too far from our place.

Alamat altero bistronomie bdg

Altero Bistronomie Bandung

Jl. Cipaganti no. 38

Open everyday from 11 AM to 10 PM

For reservation +6282121228500

Below is their menu.

Menu altero bistronomie bdg

Menu altero bistronomie bdg

Menu altero bistronomie bdg

Menu altero bistronomie bdg


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