Bask Cafe Setiabudi Bandung

Bask cafe setiabudi bandung

Hi, everyone.
Went to Bask Cafe & Resto Setiabudi Bandung a few days ago. We actually went on a weekend Bask Cafe Setiabudi Bandung was practically empty. Most likely because it’s new and the location of the cafe is behind some sort of studio so on the front, it just looks like a studio and not a restaurant.
Anyway, first impression I get the feeling that I was in Lembang with all the greens. Which isn’t so bad. Nothing impressive about the interior.

Bask cafe & resto

Bask cafe and resto bandung

Bask cafe bandung

Bask cafe setiabudi bdg review

Bask cafe review bandung

We decided to eat at one of terrace. It was quite windy and just before we finished, someone burned trash so we did got some burnt smell. Oh also, when the wind blows, we can smell the sewage which is very much unpleasant. My suggestion is definitely sit at the top near the bar.

Menu makanan bask cafe bdg

We ordered Cafe de Paris Steak (Rp 95k).
It was okay. The butter really helps. Meat is tender enough eventho it was medium well.

Menu makanan bask cafe bdg

We also ordered Spaghetti Bolognaise (Rp 55k).
I do like the sauce. Not so sure about the chicken katsu. A pretty unique combo I guess. The chicken katsu was so so.

Menu minuman bask cafe bdg

Husband ordered Bask Lemonade (Rp 35k).
It was basically matcha + lemon which is a weird combo for me. Def would not recommend.

Overall we had an okay-ish time BUT the waiter didn’t input our food order to the kitchen so we ended up waiting for almost an hour. That was very unprofessional of them. Fortunately the waiter seemed very apologetic and even another waiter apologized when we were paying. They did however, gave us a complimentary ice cream which was nice. My husband loves ice cream. Parking is spacious enough. 

Complimentary ice cream.

Bask Cafe & Restaurant.
Jl. Dr. Setiabudi no. 114 (sebelum McD)

Didn’t screenshot all the menu but they also have Indonesian food like nasi goreng or sop iga.


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