Royal Stag Bandung Review

Royal Stag is a vintage-themed restaurant that is recently opened here in Bandung. Yes it is once again bordering to industrial decor with its unfinished wall which creates a very rustic ambience (might be a bit creepy.. hmm..) but I don't really mind that since the whole decoration and furniture are still cohesive. They also managed to create three different dining experience. As you can see, outside, we have this very garden feel with their black cursive chairs and tables. While inside, there's a very British-Irish pub feel with lots of masculine colors such as brown, oxblood, and dark green. There is also a kid-friendly-brigther corner inside with hanging books in the ceiling where I guess will fit very well for family with little children. 

Sports Luxe (Rosewholesale Giveaway Winner)

Congratulations to Joana Santos! I already forwarded your email address to Rosewholesale team and you should be contacted by them soon. Thank you for everyone who participated! I'm planning another giveaway this May for my 4th Blogoversary but that is still a plan in the making. Do stay tuned!

Classic Red by Cambridge Satchel

So this happened. I bought a Cambridge Satchel in Classic Red (13 inch). It's the perfect shade of red and although small, I have no complains so far. The bag actually fits my wallet, my iphone, my blackberry, a portable charger, and either an umbrella or a 300ml water bottle. And after all that, I can still snuggle my ipad comfortably! I usually put my small umbrella inside and just carry around my water bottle. Which can be a hassle when you had a full day but still bearable.

Pantone Color of The Year : Radiant Orchid

So last year's Pantone it color was tangerine which I also love but I think I adore radiant orchid more! It has such a feminity into it without being too girly. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video. I haven't done vlog for the longest time... I kind of forget how fun it is to see your outfit in moving pictures :)

Special Love to Special You Giveaway (CLOSED)

Here we are in another giveaway! This time I team up with ! The title of this giveaway is Special Love to Special You because indeed each of us is special. Cause when you think about it, there's no one else exactly like you in this world :) is being super generous and giving away $30 shopping voucher for the winner (one winner only). Do spread the word and make sure you follow all the instruction on the Rafflecopter widget. Only 10 days for this giveaway because I have a major plan for design changes that must soon commence.

Wishing all of you a lovely Valentine's Day...

Sea Circus Bali Review (Vday Giveaway Winner)

Hello, hello!
It's weekend and it's Valentine's Day and I had two cups of coffee today and I just had a bar of chocolate which was given when I visited a car showroom and I was feeling a tiny bit happy that I get a chocolate at all! Considering I'm single and all.. Aaannndd if you haven't notice already, The Sweetest Escape has gone dotcom! No more long typing everytime you need to visit my blog. Of course, the downside is all of you need to re-follow me on bloglovin and all of my comments on previous posts are gone (my heart breaks a little, your kind comments are one of the things why I continue blogging). Hence more and more reason why I'm just slightly over the moon today.

Klapa Bali Review Part 2

So the title is Part 2 because I did a Klapa review last year when I visited this place (READ HERE) and I didn't include the similar pictures. I didn't swim the last time I visited here so I decided to go for a dip this time! I absolutely love the place and the fee gone up to 150 thousand from 100 thousand last year. And I just have to add about the sketchy changing room. But other than that, my opinion remains the same that this is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Don't forget to go down to the beach. There's a stair for you to access the beach and it's actually quite safe! Nothing dead-threatening.. Which is good!

Anyway, have a great day all!

Vacation Outfit : Yellow and Blue Mix

Can't believe it has been over a month already since I last breathe the most clear air I have ever breath in my whole life. This gorgeous place is Kintamani and it was one of our stop when we head back to Kuta from Lovina. Anyway, in case you haven't already, read my vacation diary in Bali HERE.
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Have a breezy day, all...

top - unbranded, skorts - c/o , watch - Guess, sunnies - Zara

The Bistrot Bali Review

The Bistrot is a vintage cafe/lounge/restaurant. The first time I noticed this place is through the ever so powerful instagram and since I'm a fan of anything vintage, I make sure that one of our schedule was to eat here!

As you can see, the decor is nothing but perfection. Every single thing put there, I seriously want to take it home with me. (The Bistrot also available for a pre-wedding photoshoot!) So I have no complains about the decor. It's clearly bordering to industrial which I usually don't really like, but with their rustic furnitures from a century ago, it suits very well with the ambience! 

Now on to the food, I ordered a tartine (check out the pdf. menu HERE, with price details!) which means open sandwich, hence only one bread on the bottom. For the taste, it wasn't bad.. But it's definitely not GREAT either. It was okay and I might try on another thing on the menu the next time I'm here. My iced cappuccinno has nothing special either, but definitely drinkable and it might even border to good (IT IS ILLY afterall.. ;)

As far as the price.. I have no big complains, we really just buying the graceful atmosphere it oozes. My tartine costs 85 thousand rupiah before tax. While my iced capuccinno 35 thousand. So prepare at least 150 thousand when you want to eat here. But steaks and other meats costs more.. Therefore, I guess 250 thousand should do if you want to be a carnivore for the day.

The three of us planned to wear our midi skirt that day and well.. I couldn't think of a better background for my midi skirt outfit pic... I decided to wear something super colorful that day. Not sure why. Sometimes I just really want the outfit to pop in the photographs. And I'm pretty convinced I have accomplished such mission.

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Foxy Oxblood by

The super cool slippers are from (CLICK HERE for direct link to the itemand I absolutely adore it. Sure the color is a bit difficult to tackle but I'll  find a way to infuse it to my daily look. I love the tassels and especially the suede fabric at front. Although it makes walking in the rain quite tricky, it will be perfect for dry heads ahead. The low heels also helps a little to make sure you can walk in it all day long. It is one size bigger than expected even tho I was sure I picked the right size. But nothing a little padding can't help!

Go ahead to for more fashionable items at super affordable price! Shipping fee is quite pricey so make sure you buy something light! LOL. From tops, skirts, dresses, bags, shoes, jewelries, even to hats and scarfs! You name it. 

On the other news, this uber cute fox printed sweater is from Forever21 and I got it on sale! Ah the sale season.. It's the most treacherous season of all. Must keep my beloved wallet super duper close or I might buy every sale item in sight.

Valentine's Day Giveaway ($20 Romwe Voucher)

I don't understand what's happening with the link. I keep refreshing my page but the rafflecopter just won't come out. Thinking about changing the link but there are people submitted their entries already! I'm afraid I'm going to lost their entries. . . So please just click the rafflecopter link that will take you to another page where you can enter! 

Open until 14th February!
Goodluck, all! :)

Bali Vacation Diary Day 7 & 8


First stop of the day was Bali Safari and Marine Park which I think should just state Bali Safari because it has been forever and the aquarium is not yet completed. We were contemplating between Bali Zoo or Bali Safari but since it was raining, we think it won't be very practical walking around in the rain. The bus for the safari is pretty cool and I do think the ticket fee is worth the money (130 thousand rupiah). The ticket included a free elephant show (to raise awareness about Sumatran Elephants) which is quite fun. I never thought elephants can act! 

After the safari adventure, we went back to civilization and head straight to Mama San for lunch. We heard so many great words about this Vietnamese/Thai restaurant and we weren't dissapointed! All of us agree that it was one of the best (other than Menega seafood and Nuri's) meals we ever had in Bali. Although it is quite pricey. You might need at least 200 thousand rupiah per person if you want to eat a good meal. As you can see, the decor is a bit British-y pub which might not look so great if you wear t-shirt and shorts. Make sure you dress well.

From there we decided to revisit Alila Uluwatu to wait for dinner time. We had enough of beaches and beach clubs so it was time to lazy-ing around. As I said before on my last year's post about Alila Uluwatu, it's a secluded place away from the bustle and hustle of Kuta where you can absolutely feel super relax. Food and drinks are quite pricey. Drinks about 60 thousand rupiah before tax.

We had dinner at Warung Made again.. Which was fine by me cause we are all sort of short of cash on second to last day of holiday!


Continouing our pocket-friendly culinary adventure, we had lunch at Warung Italia which has great reviews for having scrumptious taste for cheap prices. And I must agree! Highly reccomended is their pizzas!

Before we head to airport, we had one last drinks at Sea Circus. Appearantly, it's famous for its seafood but we were all still feeling full so we only had drinks and mine was okay. Nothing special about the taste but the place is uber cute!

Thank you for reading and I'm sorry for such a long delay finishing my vacation diary!

Have a splendid week ahead, bloggers :)

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