Royal Stag Bandung Review

Royal Stag is a vintage-themed restaurant that is recently opened here in Bandung. Yes it is once again bordering to industrial decor with its unfinished wall which creates a very rustic ambience (might be a bit creepy.. hmm..) but I don't really mind that since the whole decoration and furniture are still cohesive. They also managed to create three different dining experience. As you can see, outside, we have this very garden feel with their black cursive chairs and tables. While inside, there's a very British-Irish pub feel with lots of masculine colors such as brown, oxblood, and dark green. There is also a kid-friendly-brigther corner inside with hanging books in the ceiling where I guess will fit very well for family with little children. 

For pricing, it's a fairly normal price. Nothing outrageous. I only ordered an apple crumble dessert (around 30 thousand rupiah) with cappuccinno (around 30 thousand rupiah as well). For savory foods, I do belive it costs around 50 to 80 thousand rupiah except steaks. They have appetizer, main course, and desserts with great ranges of drinks (pretty sure there's an alcoholic beverages serve here). My apple crumble tastes great and the bread pudding was highly recommended as well. Not to mention their super cute menu with adorable sketches of forest creatures. Service was a bit slow.. I'm not sure because the place is new or it's just how their style is. I asked for a spoon at least three times before I finally went to the bar area (yes, there is one) and actually ask for one until they gave it to me.

So are you planning to visit this restaurant? It's quite a hip place right now! Parking is spacious. I never went there on a weekend but other than in front of the restaurant, you can park along the road.

Here is their official website :

Royal Stag :
Jalan Bukit Dago Utara no. 2, Bandung (just right after Hotel Jayakarta)
Phone (022) 250 1595 for reservations
Twitter and Insta @RoyalStagBistro 

All Pics taken by my IPhone except last two pics courtesy of my big sis.


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