Bali Vacation Diary Day 7 & 8


First stop of the day was Bali Safari and Marine Park which I think should just state Bali Safari because it has been forever and the aquarium is not yet completed. We were contemplating between Bali Zoo or Bali Safari but since it was raining, we think it won't be very practical walking around in the rain. The bus for the safari is pretty cool and I do think the ticket fee is worth the money (130 thousand rupiah). The ticket included a free elephant show (to raise awareness about Sumatran Elephants) which is quite fun. I never thought elephants can act! 

After the safari adventure, we went back to civilization and head straight to Mama San for lunch. We heard so many great words about this Vietnamese/Thai restaurant and we weren't dissapointed! All of us agree that it was one of the best (other than Menega seafood and Nuri's) meals we ever had in Bali. Although it is quite pricey. You might need at least 200 thousand rupiah per person if you want to eat a good meal. As you can see, the decor is a bit British-y pub which might not look so great if you wear t-shirt and shorts. Make sure you dress well.

From there we decided to revisit Alila Uluwatu to wait for dinner time. We had enough of beaches and beach clubs so it was time to lazy-ing around. As I said before on my last year's post about Alila Uluwatu, it's a secluded place away from the bustle and hustle of Kuta where you can absolutely feel super relax. Food and drinks are quite pricey. Drinks about 60 thousand rupiah before tax.

We had dinner at Warung Made again.. Which was fine by me cause we are all sort of short of cash on second to last day of holiday!


Continouing our pocket-friendly culinary adventure, we had lunch at Warung Italia which has great reviews for having scrumptious taste for cheap prices. And I must agree! Highly reccomended is their pizzas!

Before we head to airport, we had one last drinks at Sea Circus. Appearantly, it's famous for its seafood but we were all still feeling full so we only had drinks and mine was okay. Nothing special about the taste but the place is uber cute!

Thank you for reading and I'm sorry for such a long delay finishing my vacation diary!

Have a splendid week ahead, bloggers :)


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