Bali Photo Diary Day 5 & 6


Day Five was a Sunday so we all decided to visit GBI Rock for their Sunday service. We attended their 9 A.M. service and after that, we went to The Bistrot. It's an absolutely darling place and I will be sure to put up a review for this place. It's a vintage-feel restaurant and it's quite pricey although not ridiculous, so be ready to spend some money.

To wait for dinner time, we decided for a swim at Mulia while waiting for our buffet appointment at 6 P.M. You can't swim if you're not a guest tho so we put on our best poker faces and got by unnoticedly! I don't suggest this activity unless you have the gut! LOL

The meal we all had been anxiously look forward to . . . drummroll please . . . The Mulia buffet! Each of us had to pay for (US$36) 389 thousand rupiah nett. (only food, not included drinks. I ordered iced lemon tea which costs me (US$3.8) 40 thousand rupiah before tax). For me, I think is a decent price for a five star meals where you can eat all you want until your stomach burst. I mean, even a wagyu costs at least 200 thousand rupiah, right? And you can eat those here until you don't want to eat wagyu anymore for the rest of your life ( I might exagerate a little..) 

Anyway, I highly recommend this for you who likes good food with great ambiance not to mention excellent service. Just slow down at the sushi bar (yes there is a sushi bar, tomyum section, western section, and the best one is the dessert section!) cause one of my friend actually had a bad case of stomach flu the next day cause she ate way too much fresh salmon.


Bright and early on Day Six, Revolver was our second stop of the day. We actually had a very unimpressive lunch at a meatball place which not recommended at all. We all just still feeling super full from our last night feast so we decided to eat something really "normal". 

Revolver is located at Seminyak, hidden in a small alley, that we would never find unless one of us who had been here before insisted that all of us should try their coffee. And I sure glad that we did. I had an iced cappuccinno which tastes okay but slightly too thin for my taste. I'd like to have it more dense, I guess. The food was said to be great too! It's a pocket-friendly place. I don't remember the price but I'm sure it costs less than 50 thousand rupiah per cup (before tax). The place is quite small so going there with big number of people is not suggested.

I'm going to go ahead and slip in a little outfit post here... The place is Geger Beach and the outfit is very un-beachy of me! Which I will make up on the post after the next post.. I absolutely love the back details of my top that I'm thinking to get it in another color. I also kind of like the polkadots with my big heart-shaped sunnies. It has a very retro feel into it :)

I definitely recommend Geger Beach (also known as St. Regis beach on my last year Bali photo diary) because it's very near from Kuta or Seminyak. It's very accessible and you only need to pay 50 thousand rupiah for a set of sunbed (last year they offered 50 thousand rupiah for ONE sunbed. I guess we went there on a busy day)

We had dinner at Menega, Jimbaran for a seafood party. I didn't took any pics cause I left my camera in the car and my phone was out of battery. I do recommend Menega, cause it seems to be the only place packed with tourists among other many seafood resto, also it has reasonable prices.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you on my last Bali photo diary on the next post!
Happy weekend, all...


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