Have a Happy New Year

Hi, guys!
I'm just dropping by real quick because I have to get ready for my mom's birthday dinner. But yeah, it has been one roller coaster ride of a year. First, my grandma passed away this year. It was hard for me because I was used to seeing her everyday and if you don't know me in real life, I absolutely adore my grandma. I missed her so bad on my birthday but I put on a brave face; wouldn't want to drag everybody down on my birthday luncheon. Second, I got engaged. Exciting journey ahead of us including currently building our future home. Prepping for the weddings has been so much fun and exhausting at the same time so I'm planning to cut back on my blogging. But more on that, next year!

Not to mention the global events that had happened. If you don't know already, here in Indonesia, things have been heating up between two religions. Jakarta city Mayor is going through some tough time and even our President is facing some serious troubles. Don't even get me started on natural disasters or the shootings and the murders. 

I hope your 2016 has been a learning curve to make each of us a better person. I wish nothing but peace and happiness for anyone in this world. Hopefully we all will be a lot more compassionate and understanding to other people. Really, when someone is different than you in their faith, skin color, or politic beliefs, let's show some respect. The truth is different to everyone. It's not always the same thing to all people all the time. 

But that's just me, rambling. Let's take all this in with a grain of salt, shall we?

Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout this year. Thank you for each click, each comment, each share. I truly appreciate it more than you know. I hope you all will have a happy new year ;)

Merry Christmas 2016

Hi, guys!
It's currently 11 AM on the 26th of December here in my part of the world, but I'm pretty sure it's still Christmas in another side of the globe, so before it's too late, Merry Christmas, all!

I hope you're not tired of me keep saying that Jesus is the reason for this season, year after year. A lot of people seems to get caught up in the festivities (me : guilty as charged) that they forget the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. It's the day of our dear saviour's birth who lessen Himself; come to this world; so He can sacrifice Himself to bear our sins. So yeah, go take a little time to pray and say happy birthday to Papa Jesus.

Besides that, Christmas is also the time for all the holidays cliche. Going to church with your family, giving hugs while saying Merry Christmas to your relatives, exchanging presents that you might/might not like, eating that second slice of cake, as well as spending the night laughing at your not-so-graceful childhood memories (for example; I was TERRIFIED of Santa Claus; I'd cry and cry when my parents made me sat on a Santa's lap, and look at me now, wearing his hat). Honestly, those are my favourite part about the holidays. Not so much of the presents (altho I like that too), but the time spent together, creating new treasured memories.

Anyway, enough rambling. Have a holly jolly Christmas to those who celebrate it and happy holiday for all!

When I Was A Bridesmaid

Hi, guys!
Found this pics from the archive back then when I was a bridesmaid. This was actually last year, my friend got married at Dec 5th 2015. I have a love and hate relationship being a bridesmaid. I do love being there for my friend in one of the most important day of her life. But you also need to wake up bright and early (we had 3AM wake up call) for your make up and hair and then you have to wear heels all day. So you can see why I'm not the biggest fan of being a bridesmaid. 

Gormeteria Bandung

Hi, guys!
I haven't posted a foodie post in a while so here I am back with a post from Gormeteria Bandung. I went there about two weeks ago on a Sunday and had a pleasant time. I got there around 4/5PM so the place was rather empty; which makes taking photos easier. I absolutely adore the interior design. I know I said this over and over again, but I'm thankful to the Lord upstairs that this is not another industrial themed coffee shop. 

90's Band Reject

Hi, guys!
I'm sure you all are a bit bored with all Christmas posts that are circulating in the blogosphere  so I thought I do something a bit different with my . . . "90's Band Reject outfit", I'd say. This whole outfit just remind me of Backstreet Boys, Westlife, No Doubt, Spice Girls, and TLC songs. All the most influential 90s bands in my life. 

To this day I still remember the lyrics to Westilife "I Lay My Love on You" and Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way" and practically turn up the volume whenever the songs came on. And I think I'm representing every girl out there when their childhood dream was to join a girl band to be as cool as Spice Girls. Also, my very first Woman Crush Wednesday was Gwen Stefanie. I still can't eat a banana without singing her "Hollaback Girl" over and over again.

My Favourite Red Lipsticks for Christmas

Do excuse the typo, I am short on time so this post will be brief and informative (hopefully!). Honestly, I do feel like December is the month where I rock red lipstick the most. I think I've worn it almost 5 times already just in the past two weeks. It is the secret to look like you took more effort in your make up than you already did. There is the perfect crimson shade for everyone so just make sure you know your undertone, skin tone, and pay attention to your eyes and hair colour.

My Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Hi, guys!

The easiest way to get in the holiday mood is having the ultimate Christmas Playlist. It's the playlist that I listen to when I decorate my Christmas tree and pretty much every day in the car on my commute. It's a mix of classic songs as well as some pop songs that you might not to familiar of but I promise each song is super Christmas-y.

My Go-To Holiday Nails

Hi, guys!
Christmas is in full swing so this week I thought I'll do three special Christmas posts for you starting with my go-to holiday nails. These three options are easy peasy and requires no tools except for your nail polishes, obviously. Which is why they are my go-to Christmas nails. Let me know which one is your favourite :)

3 Outerwear Every 20-Something Should Own

Hi, guys!
A new video is up on my channel. Didn't actually talk about anything but I have always loved to see how a fabric moves or how a bag look like when it's moving around. By the way, this is just what I thought someone should own. It's by no mean a rule because every people's style is different! I want to include a blazer as well but I was taught that you should always do 3 or 5 and not a 4 because here in Chinese tradition, 4 is spelled the same way as death.. so yeah.. 3 it is!
Personally, I think these 3 items stand the test of time. They are seasonless as well as timeless. Sure there are some tweak here and there every a decade or so, but other than that, these are worth the investment.

White Christmas

Hi, guys!

I have always loved the idea of red and black outfit for Christmas but this year, I thought I'd try something different, I'm thinking . . . something white. Here I round up five white comfy blouses that I thought will be perfect for all coming up Christmas soirees.

November Favourites

Hi guys!
I don't have that much items this month mostly because I'm still loving some stuff from October. But anyway, here are some items that I have been loving in the month of November.

Macau Vacation Diary

Hello, guys!
Last series of my vacation diary is from Macau. It's always a bittersweet feeling every time I'm finishing up a vacation diary posts. But anyway, it was one sunny day in Macau as you can see from the pic above which is The Ruins of St. Paul.

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