My Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Hi, guys!

The easiest way to get in the holiday mood is having the ultimate Christmas Playlist. It's the playlist that I listen to when I decorate my Christmas tree and pretty much every day in the car on my commute. It's a mix of classic songs as well as some pop songs that you might not to familiar of but I promise each song is super Christmas-y.

I have always associated Silent Night song with Christmas since it is THE song that we always sing along to during the candlelight service in my church. Another song that I absolutely love is That's Christmas to Me by Pentatonix. The lyrics are just beautiful not to mention how catchy the tune is. And yes, I'm a Glee fan, so obviously half of them are from Glee Christmas album. I did hummed Rocking Around The Christmas Tree a lot this year.

Anyway, wishing everyone a good midweek!


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