November Favourites

Hi guys!
I don't have that much items this month mostly because I'm still loving some stuff from October. But anyway, here are some items that I have been loving in the month of November.

1) The Face Shop CC Cushion
This is my one and only; as well as the first, CC Cushion that I own: i bought this back in June? I think. I just got home from a Bali holiday and it was summer so I was tan; hence this shade is just too light for me. However, now that the sun is rarely seen, my skintone has gotten lighter so I've been using this a lot this month. I love the fact that it has 50++ SPF and gives coverage: for days of just running errand, I can skip concealer! You do have to set it tho, it has a dewy finish even tho this one is for oily skin.

2) Bobbi Brown single eyeshadow in Sable 18
I brought this with me for bronzing up my complexion on my last trip to Hong Kong. I love the fact that it has cool tone and great for creating shadows. So I guess i use this more for contouring. To warm up, I usually layer it with The Balm's Bahama Mama. My favorite part is that its so compact making it easy to be packed in my make up case.

3) Lucas Papaw Ointment
This is an Australian product but I'm sure some of you know about this guy. It has so many functions, for dry lips, chafing, bug bites, etc. my skin has been acting up and I have rashes in some spots, mostly on my feet, and this guy really helps to relieve the itchiness as well as cleanse to help faster healing.

4) Miu Miu Rollerball Perfume
I bought this on my last trip to Singapore back in July and completely forgotten about it. Luckily, I found this little lady when I was re arranging my make up drawer and have been using it a lot this month. This rollerball pretty much lives inside my purse. I'm obsessed with the smell too.
"Miu Miu Eau de Parfum starts with an elegant, sensual floral—lily of the valley—composed of real jasmine, real rose absolute, and synthetic green notes. The soft, fresh, ingĂ©nue scent is set against a deep earth-toned background: the wood and pepper of akigalawood, an extract of patchouli. The akigalawood adds a rich, brooding mystery to the subtle sparkle of the floral. The surprising combination feels natural and timeless—flower and earth—but the effect created by the multifaceted process is utterly contemporary."

Star Anise, Ginger, Green Lily of the Valley, Blooming Lily of the Valley, Jasmine Petal, Rose, Akigalawood, Sandalwood

5) e.l.f. Bunny Blush Face Palette by Weylie
I do love Weylie and when I saw the swatches, I thought the warm tones look perfect for spring so I bought it. When it first came, I didn't use it that much because the bronzer has some glitter in it, so I put it away. Again, when I was re arranging my make up drawer, I feel like this palette is calling me. I did planned to bring this palette for my Hong Kong trip so I use this about a week straight before I went and I love it! It's so practical, I don't have to reach for another blush or another highlighter. Strangely, now I really like the subtle shine of the bronzer. I didn't end up bring this for travel because I love my Bobbi Brown just slightly more.

6) I-ring for phone
I'm not sure if all of you are familiar with i-ring but this guy really helps to ease your phone-addiction. I use it mostly to stand up my phone making it a breeze when I want to catch up with my favorite vloggers or when I was browsing instagram or any other social
media. Also, it comes in so many cute options! I'm thinking of getting another one in a cat shape.

7) Westworld (2016 TV Show)
HBO done it again. I have been hooked since the 1st episode and the season finale was amazing. A must watch, I'd say.

And that's pretty much it for my November's Favorite. Another thing I want to mention is this new album by Symphony Worship. So good! I love all their worship songs, not so much with their praise songs. My favorite is Hadirat-Mu. Really makes your morning devotion elevated to a whole new level.

Well, wishing everyone a great week ahead!


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