Gormeteria Bandung

Hi, guys!
I haven't posted a foodie post in a while so here I am back with a post from Gormeteria Bandung. I went there about two weeks ago on a Sunday and had a pleasant time. I got there around 4/5PM so the place was rather empty; which makes taking photos easier. I absolutely adore the interior design. I know I said this over and over again, but I'm thankful to the Lord upstairs that this is not another industrial themed coffee shop. 

I'm gonna say the interior design is a bit of a mix? Maybe a little art-deco-ish? I don't know, I'm not an interior designer. I do looove the marble table as well as their bold choice of tiles. The lightings were also very unique yet everything feels cohesive and looks really good together. Even the jungle wallpaper doesn't seem that out of place. Place is spacious so you can definitely bring a big group here. Parking was not bad, I'd say it fits around 10-12 cars.

 BBQ Chicken Sandwich (58k)

Gorilla Bowl (45k)
A bowl of vegetable smoothie with granola, chia seeds, almond slices, bananas, and berries.
My boyfriend ordered the sandwich and I had this gorilla bowl which tastes good, but nothing special. I didn't try the sandwich but my boyfriend didn't complain a single thing about it. Service was okay. Food comes out fast enough.
You have to try their Ice Coffee Cream (38k) tho, SO GOOD.

I will definitely recommend people to come here. You might want to dress up a bit tho. It's not a fine dining by any means but the place has that old school fancy vibe going on. Anyway, wishing everybody a good midweek!

Jl. Pasir Kaliki no. 176. Bandung
They open from 7AM, not sure about closing time, I'd say around 11PM
Phone +6222 20524850

Included below is their menu.


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