White Christmas

Hi, guys!

I have always loved the idea of red and black outfit for Christmas but this year, I thought I'd try something different, I'm thinking . . . something white. Here I round up five white comfy blouses that I thought will be perfect for all coming up Christmas soirees.
Not gonna lie, I do love a good lace top as evidenced by top number 3. With a black pencil skirt, it's dressy enough for a dinner yet with a good light blue jeans, you can use it for a daytime event too! Top number 1 is a close contender since it has that vintage flair with the little bow and will look gorgeous against a sateen midi flare skirt. Add a pair of red heels for a pop of colour and you're all set for either a Christmas mass and the dinner after service.
I also took the liberty and thrown in two printed options, because hey, Christmas time is supposed to be fun. Number 4 has that sexy vibe while number 5 gives you warmth, as well as style. 

So which one is your favourite?

You can shop at StyleWe for all these gorgeous blouses. Be sure to check out their Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/StyleWe/ as well as their blog -> https://stylewe.wordpress.com 

Wishing everyone a great midweek :)

Link to the blouses :


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