Merry Christmas 2016

Hi, guys!
It's currently 11 AM on the 26th of December here in my part of the world, but I'm pretty sure it's still Christmas in another side of the globe, so before it's too late, Merry Christmas, all!

I hope you're not tired of me keep saying that Jesus is the reason for this season, year after year. A lot of people seems to get caught up in the festivities (me : guilty as charged) that they forget the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. It's the day of our dear saviour's birth who lessen Himself; come to this world; so He can sacrifice Himself to bear our sins. So yeah, go take a little time to pray and say happy birthday to Papa Jesus.

Besides that, Christmas is also the time for all the holidays cliche. Going to church with your family, giving hugs while saying Merry Christmas to your relatives, exchanging presents that you might/might not like, eating that second slice of cake, as well as spending the night laughing at your not-so-graceful childhood memories (for example; I was TERRIFIED of Santa Claus; I'd cry and cry when my parents made me sat on a Santa's lap, and look at me now, wearing his hat). Honestly, those are my favourite part about the holidays. Not so much of the presents (altho I like that too), but the time spent together, creating new treasured memories.

Anyway, enough rambling. Have a holly jolly Christmas to those who celebrate it and happy holiday for all!

Thinking about doing a wear and tear post on my mini antigona bag since I do noticed a lot of wear and tear. LOL. Do let me know if that's something you want to read :)


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