When I Was A Bridesmaid

Hi, guys!
Found this pics from the archive back then when I was a bridesmaid. This was actually last year, my friend got married at Dec 5th 2015. I have a love and hate relationship being a bridesmaid. I do love being there for my friend in one of the most important day of her life. But you also need to wake up bright and early (we had 3AM wake up call) for your make up and hair and then you have to wear heels all day. So you can see why I'm not the biggest fan of being a bridesmaid. 

I do love my dress tho. The perks of being a bridesmaid, you get a pretty dress for free. If you're a bride to be, you can browse around AmodaBridal.com.au . You can even ask your bridesmaid to choose their own dress. Just decide on a colour and length, and your bestie will find their own dress. Amid Bridal does have great selections of cheap bridesmaid dresses like this beautiful lilac dress below. I adore the dainty vibe from the lace and the gracefulness of the chiffon. The peachy flowers make the perfect accessory. Click here for a direct link to this dress.

 Classic & Timeless Short Sleeves Lace Button Dress Purple

Wishing everyone a great Christmas-y weekend :)


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