3 Outerwear Every 20-Something Should Own

Hi, guys!
A new video is up on my channel. Didn't actually talk about anything but I have always loved to see how a fabric moves or how a bag look like when it's moving around. By the way, this is just what I thought someone should own. It's by no mean a rule because every people's style is different! I want to include a blazer as well but I was taught that you should always do 3 or 5 and not a 4 because here in Chinese tradition, 4 is spelled the same way as death.. so yeah.. 3 it is!
Personally, I think these 3 items stand the test of time. They are seasonless as well as timeless. Sure there are some tweak here and there every a decade or so, but other than that, these are worth the investment.

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Happy weekend, all!


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