My Favourite Red Lipsticks for Christmas

Do excuse the typo, I am short on time so this post will be brief and informative (hopefully!). Honestly, I do feel like December is the month where I rock red lipstick the most. I think I've worn it almost 5 times already just in the past two weeks. It is the secret to look like you took more effort in your make up than you already did. There is the perfect crimson shade for everyone so just make sure you know your undertone, skin tone, and pay attention to your eyes and hair colour.

For example, I have warm to neutral undertone (if your veins are green = warm; blue = cool, green/blue = neutral) so I do leans toward red colours with a hint of orange in it. And since I have light to medium skin tone with brown eyes and dark hair; I love red that pops. You know, just the right amount of brightness to add that contrast. These three lip colours are my favourite since it compliments all of my features. (if those three looks the same to you.. yes, they also look the same to me too. LOL. what can I say? I do love this shade)

Doesn't mean that you can't rock deep red tho! Nothing too dark though or my lips will be lost. I do love MAC Studded Kiss very much and I actually got a few compliments when I wore this shade.

My last tip is make sure you do something with your eyes, but not too much. Most people skip eye make up when they paint their lips red. I found without eye make up, my whole face looks unbalanced. As if my lips screams for all the attention. So yeah, neutral eye make up with lots of brown should do the trick :)

Another red lipstick I love is Jordana in Red Velvet Cake. A beautiful slightly deep red colour.

Wishing everyone a great weekend! Less than one week till Christmas...


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