Uncanny Valley

plum lace dress- Velvet, brown PU leather jacket - BTC, leopard printed belt - Cotton On, brown heels - Charles&Keith, floral crown - ForeverNew, John Lennon inspired sunnies - Zara

Uncanny valley is a term where someone feel an aversion towards something that looks so much like human, but not quite a human. Such as artificial hands. For the strangest reason, this term fascinates me and it made me thought about all sorts of things. I'm not the one who against helpful invention for things like artificial hands or any other limbs or even, an organ. However, I'm not a fan of robots. They give me the creeps. It's like if we try so hard to play God, the real God might be offended and condemned us to be the slave instead. I guess another reason for this uncanny valley is because we human feels threatened for our own mere existence. Our body parts can be so easily replaced, with such uncanny resemblance, what will stop them from replacing our mind? Our soul?
All in all, I believe that this uncanny valley is our instinct telling us to stop playing God, simply cause we are not God.

Just another silly musing. I think too much. It does me no good, I know. It's a bad habit that I'm trying to get out of. 

As for the outfit, I wore this dress quite often but  never got a chance to remix it into something new. Decided to paired the dainty dress with some edge by adding leather jacket and mirrored sunnies. I love the John Lennon vibe it has! And albeit the fact I am not suited to act all cool, I tried. And failed, naturally. However, I don't think the pictures look that bad!
 What do you think?

Hopefully everyone survived the midweek! Weekend is only two days away.. Hang in there..

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