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Hey, guys.. Here are some recaps of my looks so far. 
I hope this can freshen up your mind.
I tried to make the voting inside this post but I'm not sure if it works..
Will you kindly notified me if it doesn't work? :)
I'm such a lousy blogger. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience.
You can click your favorite looks (yes you can choose more than one) right now.
Vote away!

As I said in my previous post, I will do three polls. One for Look 1 to 15. Second for Look 16 to 30. The winner of each poll would face each other on the last poll. The winning look will have another re-shoot and along with that look, I will present you my favorite look!

Poll Part 1

Cause We're Too Hot To Sweat

That is a lie. It has been so cold here lately that leaving a house without a jacket or a cardigan is looking for a problem. I wish the heat would come back!

Anyway, I'm halfway through my 30 from 30 Challenge! I am excited. And I decided to do a poll from Look 1 to Look 15. I also will do another poll for Look 15 to Look 30. Then the winner of each poll would face each other on the last poll. The winning look will have another re-shoot and along with that look, I will present you my favorite look! Please participate :)

Look 13 from 30

 Look 14 from 30

Look 15 from 30

Don't forget to vote for your favorite look! <3

Slightly Stinging Sunlight Rays

The title is super long, but quite catchy and a little bit on a twister tongue side, isn't it?
Yesterday was so hot and yet today I couldn't stop sneezing! 
Also, it was raining like.. every hour. You might notice on the last set of pictures that the floor is covered with raindrops. And it was just tiny little drizzles that it would be too.. mm.. pompous to wear umbrella but quite annoying to have drops of water on our head. It wasn't fun at all.

Look 10 from 30

Look 11 from 30

Look 12 from 30

Sorry for the tons of pictures but it's the risk of taking 30 from 30 Challenge!
Stay dry everyone!

Guest Blogging...

Hello lovely readers! It's me once again.. A few minutes away from last post.. LOL
Just want to let you know I'm also guest blogging on Jennifhsieh. 
Click here to see more of this outfit!

Do notice I took the pictures before I participated on my 30 from 30 Challenge.
And also before I cut my bangs!

Sit Down and Enjoy

I try to make the last three outfit pictures with me sitting down but it doesn't work out so well cause you can't see the whole outfit clearly. 
I promise this is won't be the last! 
Taking sitting picture is much less exhausting..

Look 7 from 30

Look 8 from 30

I wore this yesterday for a dinner with friends and we were too busy catching up I didn't think much about taking a proper outfit picture. And as sleepy as I was last night, I took time to take the full outfit pic. I am quite dedicated to this blog, that is true. 

Look 9 from 30

I feel slightly like Charice with my round face. Minus the talent, obviously. 
I took the pictures right when other students start coming. And I am way to shy to take pictures in front of a lot of people I know. Here's the only two pictures I took. Strangers are a different story though.

Weekend is here! 
Happy weekend everyone!

Back With A Bang(s)

That sounds terrible and not as good as it sounds in my head. Hmm..
The title is solely because I just cut my bangs.. And not liking it. Oh well.. Hair grows!
So I'm back from my trip. I bring home a few of cute stuff and a lot of pictures. I also managed to squeeze in a few outfit shots for my 30 from 30 Challenge! I multitask like that.

Look 1 from 30

Look 2 from 30

Look 3 from 30

Look 4 from 30 

(the purple bag's leather is falling out so I had purple dandruff all over my shorts. Therefore I decided to change it to this brown bag :) )

Look 5 from 30

And this is just an outfit shot. I purchased this Topshop skirt the day before. I have been looking for a proper high waisted jeans skirt and finally found one!

Look 6 from 30

6 down 24 to go!
And below just random pictures from my trip. I know, I'm quite random.. But still cute! ;p


I can't wait to show you my findings! However, I shall suck it up and finished my 30 from 30 challenge first.
Anyway, weekend is almost here.
Any special plans? Or even, a holiday trip?

30 from 30 Challenge : Items Picked (Updated)

I have always wanted to join this challenge but I delayed and delayed and it is just one of those times when you have to confront yourself and just do it already!
So here I am. 

For those of you who are not familiar with this challenge.. This is a super simple challenge.
All you have to do is pick 30 items from your closet and make 30 outfits out of them. Easy breezy!
Fine, I honestly have no idea if it would be easy or not but I want to challenge myself. 
That's why they call it a challenge, right? (just say yes and play along)

Here are my picks :

1. Tops

2. Outerwear

3. Skirts

4.  Shorts and Pants

5. Footwear

6. Bags

No. 25 item is failing on me (19 June 2011).  The purple leather is falling out so I have purple dandruff all over me every time I wore it. I decided to change it to this..

7. Dresses

8. Silly things to spice up the look

I'm quite happy with my choices although I can't say I'm satisfied.
I feel like I'm playing safe but this is my first 30 from 30 challenge so I don't want to make it anymore difficult (and I said I want to challenge myself. I am rather inconsistent)
Some of these items already in my suitcase. I'm going away for a few days so my blog would be a little quiet and I probably won't be able to comments on your lovely blogs for a while.
But I promise I'll come back soon!

For any of you who is interested in this challenge you can visit Kendi's Blog for more info.

Mystic Wedges

No, seriously, that's what the owner of the store named this wedges. 
Sadly, it's not mystical at all.. If only!

There was a blackout for a few hours today and it was insanely hot! Plus I couldn't access internet.
But thank God the power is back on now.
I just always feel so busy on Wednesdays.  I really need to swift my schedule by a day. 
But I love the rush feeling. What to do?

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I took the pictures when I was rushing to my English course and now I am rushing to my bible study class.

I didn't take close up picture of my wedges so here's one from the store.

Okay, I have to jump in to shower, blow dry my hair super quick, and I haven't done my homework.
The life of a 22 year old.. Still rushing everywhere everytime..

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