Sit Down and Enjoy

I try to make the last three outfit pictures with me sitting down but it doesn't work out so well cause you can't see the whole outfit clearly. 
I promise this is won't be the last! 
Taking sitting picture is much less exhausting..

Look 7 from 30

Look 8 from 30

I wore this yesterday for a dinner with friends and we were too busy catching up I didn't think much about taking a proper outfit picture. And as sleepy as I was last night, I took time to take the full outfit pic. I am quite dedicated to this blog, that is true. 

Look 9 from 30

I feel slightly like Charice with my round face. Minus the talent, obviously. 
I took the pictures right when other students start coming. And I am way to shy to take pictures in front of a lot of people I know. Here's the only two pictures I took. Strangers are a different story though.

Weekend is here! 
Happy weekend everyone!

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