Sit Down and Enjoy

I try to make the last three outfit pictures with me sitting down but it doesn't work out so well cause you can't see the whole outfit clearly. 
I promise this is won't be the last! 
Taking sitting picture is much less exhausting..

Look 7 from 30

Look 8 from 30

I wore this yesterday for a dinner with friends and we were too busy catching up I didn't think much about taking a proper outfit picture. And as sleepy as I was last night, I took time to take the full outfit pic. I am quite dedicated to this blog, that is true. 

Look 9 from 30

I feel slightly like Charice with my round face. Minus the talent, obviously. 
I took the pictures right when other students start coming. And I am way to shy to take pictures in front of a lot of people I know. Here's the only two pictures I took. Strangers are a different story though.

Weekend is here! 
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. love the first set of pictures, but you all look cute!!

  2. did you know Stevie? all of your random outfits above is automatically shown that u real fashionable person not only for blog reason but real life! J'adorin more oxoxo

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  3. I love your bag!

  4. i also do love your bag! teacher style is so cool!

  5. Ooh I love those high-waisted shorts in the second set of photos! Such a great look! :)

    sorelle in style

  6. It's so fun to see you do the 30 for 30 I really love the effortless ease of your outfits =)

  7. love the first one, that dress is so perfect and the color looks amazing on you. huge fan of the amazing shorts, very feminine shape

  8. i'm so behind the fashion blogging community. love all three outfit photos! :)

    have a great weekend. :)

  9. nice dress !!!! you look lovely



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