30 from 30 Challenge : Items Picked (Updated)

I have always wanted to join this challenge but I delayed and delayed and it is just one of those times when you have to confront yourself and just do it already!
So here I am. 

For those of you who are not familiar with this challenge.. This is a super simple challenge.
All you have to do is pick 30 items from your closet and make 30 outfits out of them. Easy breezy!
Fine, I honestly have no idea if it would be easy or not but I want to challenge myself. 
That's why they call it a challenge, right? (just say yes and play along)

Here are my picks :

1. Tops

2. Outerwear

3. Skirts

4.  Shorts and Pants

5. Footwear

6. Bags

No. 25 item is failing on me (19 June 2011).  The purple leather is falling out so I have purple dandruff all over me every time I wore it. I decided to change it to this..

7. Dresses

8. Silly things to spice up the look

I'm quite happy with my choices although I can't say I'm satisfied.
I feel like I'm playing safe but this is my first 30 from 30 challenge so I don't want to make it anymore difficult (and I said I want to challenge myself. I am rather inconsistent)
Some of these items already in my suitcase. I'm going away for a few days so my blog would be a little quiet and I probably won't be able to comments on your lovely blogs for a while.
But I promise I'll come back soon!

For any of you who is interested in this challenge you can visit Kendi's Blog for more info.