Back With A Bang(s)

That sounds terrible and not as good as it sounds in my head. Hmm..
The title is solely because I just cut my bangs.. And not liking it. Oh well.. Hair grows!
So I'm back from my trip. I bring home a few of cute stuff and a lot of pictures. I also managed to squeeze in a few outfit shots for my 30 from 30 Challenge! I multitask like that.

Look 1 from 30

Look 2 from 30

Look 3 from 30

Look 4 from 30 

(the purple bag's leather is falling out so I had purple dandruff all over my shorts. Therefore I decided to change it to this brown bag :) )

Look 5 from 30

And this is just an outfit shot. I purchased this Topshop skirt the day before. I have been looking for a proper high waisted jeans skirt and finally found one!

Look 6 from 30

6 down 24 to go!
And below just random pictures from my trip. I know, I'm quite random.. But still cute! ;p


I can't wait to show you my findings! However, I shall suck it up and finished my 30 from 30 challenge first.
Anyway, weekend is almost here.
Any special plans? Or even, a holiday trip?

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