Mystic Wedges

No, seriously, that's what the owner of the store named this wedges. 
Sadly, it's not mystical at all.. If only!

There was a blackout for a few hours today and it was insanely hot! Plus I couldn't access internet.
But thank God the power is back on now.
I just always feel so busy on Wednesdays.  I really need to swift my schedule by a day. 
But I love the rush feeling. What to do?

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I took the pictures when I was rushing to my English course and now I am rushing to my bible study class.

I didn't take close up picture of my wedges so here's one from the store.

Okay, I have to jump in to shower, blow dry my hair super quick, and I haven't done my homework.
The life of a 22 year old.. Still rushing everywhere everytime..

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