All Around Me I Can Feel The Change

My graduation ceremony was fun (I didn't trip! Yeay me!) and now that I am officially graduated from university, the changes that has been happening since I was stated "you pass" by the examinators after my defense, are even more apparent. I am now an adult and responsible for myself. I can't go running to my parents anymore every time I came upon an obstacle. Although, they would always accept me with open arms. It is rather intimidating! And I am not sure if I am ready. However, I am determined to do my ultimate best and work my butt off.

Mmm.. I shamefully confess that my blast from the past project have not finished yet. In fact, I haven't even started. I am a little afraid that if I look through all the pictures, it would make me sad. Cause I know I would miss all of my friends badly. In fact, I already miss them.

The peacock necklace is a gift from my friend Winny from Fashion Is Talking About Style. She gave it to me one day before my defense cause she wanted to take my mind away from the thesis thingy stress. How sweet is she? Dropped by her blog and kindly say hello. She's new in the blogsphere :)

Anyway, my laptop is driving me crazy. It cannot access the little box where you usually type comments ( it says the Java thing is not properly installed, and when I tried to install Java, it says my Windows Installer is not properly installed. I have gone mad). Hence, I've been replying comments using my blackberry. It is rather iritating but I haven't find time to fix my laptop. Therefore, I would like to apologize if I miss any of your comments. My blackberry screen is small and my eyes are already minus 4.50 with cylinder 2.00

Does anyone have the same feeling that they are not lucky when it comes to electronic stuff?? 
I sure do!

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