Shenzhen Vacation Diary

Hello, everyone.

I am feeling slightly better now. Two days after I got my wisdom tooth pulled out and the pain is almost gone. Just a slight discomfort because of the swollen cheek. But anyway, today I am sharing with you my Shenzhen Vacation Diary. 

We head to Shenzhen in a bus from Hong Kong and arrived at dinner time. After dinner and hotel check in, we went to Luohu Commercial City which is a mall. I wouldnt recommend going there since I didn't shop anything. The items are too old school, something that your granny would wear. There were good choices of fake branded bags, which I had no interest in. But anyway, the next day was a city tour for one day only and it was on day four. Read my day 1 to 3 vacation diary here.

Hong Kong Vacation Diary

Hi guys! I just had my wisdom tooth pulled out so yeah.. not in the best condition to blog but I want to put it up today so apologies if I keep everything short and sweet :)

Five Things I'm Most Thankful For This Year

Hi, guys!
I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. Before I start my vacation diary posts, I thought I do one thought post and lists five things I'm most thankful for this year.

Vacation Outfits

Hi, guys!
I got back from my holiday last night and still pretty much beat. I was sleepy all day long and would love nothing than to hit the bed but I want to put something up today since I missed Monday post. I thought instead of doing one post for each outfit, I just mashed them up together for a fresher take on my vacation outfits.

Dancing Queen

Hi, guys!
Apparently it is time for prom. I'm clearly not in high school anymore so I never really remember when it's prom season. So yes, it's the moment to bring out the dancing queen inside you once again. I have always loved dancing and I found shorter length works best when you want to get your groovy on. Here I put together three short prom dresses which you can check out here and I've thrown in two long prom dresses (click here for direct link) that are lightweight and easy to move-in.
My favourite is obviously the fuchsia two piece taffeta with beaded bodice. I love the fun vibrant colour as well as the flattering A-line cut. Paired it with silver accessories to match the beads on your top and you're ready to jive and having the time of your life. A close contender is the almost backless prom dresses (top row, middle; direct link here). Obviously, the sexy back is a big factor but I also really like the soft pastel color.

My Hair Care Routine

Hi, guys!
I am going to Hong Kong tomorrow (follow my instagram @steviamaria for updates!) so this is a scheduled post actually because I am busy packing when you're reading this post. But I want to share with you my hair care routine. These products are (almost all) tested and true and not sponsored at all. I bought all products by myself, some I have been using for as long as I can remember, some I have only used in the past 3 months or so.

Back with A Bang

Hi everyone!
Do excuse the super puny title, in case you didn't noticed already, I do love puns. I feel like front bangs are having a moment so I bust out my bangs hair clip and take it for a spin. Camouflaging the clips with this headband and loving the retro vibe that I got going on here. Opted for a drop earrings with minimalist design to add some contemporary touch and ended up loving this whole ensemble. And yes, I'm still continuing my red outfit fascination (can it be just Christmas already?)

All The Red Dresses

Hi everyone!
I feel like after Halloween, the year always past by so fast and it's now time to prepare for my favourite holiday of the year, Christmas! Not only it's the most festive season but it's also the time to gather with your family and loved ones. You might see some distant relative that you'll only see once a year and you'll want to look your best.

Well, what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than rocking a red dress? I've compiled my top 5 picks from StyleWe. From a simple shirt dress to cute two piece dresses , there's one dress for each of you. My favourite is a tie between number 3 and number 5. I love the off shoulder dress but number 5 is so much more flattering on my body type. And the embroidery is gorgeous. You don't need to add any accessories with dress number 5. Bear in mind, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming soon so make sure you put to good use those amazing sales!

Click Read More for direct link to each dress.

Make Up Empties and Repurchases

Hi, guys!
In this post I will talk about some make up items that I've finished using.
I actually love all of them. I really thought I would have at least one item that I don't like but I repurchased them all. 
I've collected these in the past three to four months and yeah, these are good stuff!

A Pocket Full of Daisies

Sliding into your screen with a bouquet full of daisies to cheer up your Monday. I specifically requested Daisies to my boyfriend and even though it's a couple weeks late because daisies are not in season (can't believe boyfriend came through!), these flowers have some serious cheering-up power on me. Just looking at these pretty whites make me smile. Anyway, keeping this post short and sweet. Wishing everyone a good start of the week!

October Favorites

Hi, everyone!
First of all, apologies that this is a Saturday post and not a Friday ones. I was busy catching up with my TV shows (Agents of Shield, Screamqueens, The Big Bang Theory, Gotham, Westworld; just to name a few) but yeah, I am very excited about this particular post!

I have always loved seeing favorites from other bloggers because it feels very personal and when I see an item that I also really like made it to other people's favorites, I feel connected to that person, you know, like, we could be besties. So I decided to also start my favorites series! This post will contain pretty much anything that I have been loving in the month of October. Although for my first post, I only included fashion and beauty related stuff since I'm not fully prepared (just got the idea last week). But next month I will try to include music, food & drinks, cafes/restaurant.. etc. 

Here are my October favorites in no particular order.

Gold Rimmed Spectacles

For some reason I really really wanted a gold rimmed spectacles last month. I do have a prescribed glasses in a black frame but I've seen lighter frames all over my favourite bloggers so I decided to get one. I wasn't sure if I was going to pull off this kind of frame so I look for cheaper ones online. Believe it or not, this gold rimmed spectacles was only $10 (I bought it at instagram store @karamata_id ) and it starts to grow on me. This does remind me of grandma's glasses but that's why I like it even more!

And yes, don't we all love to shop online. You can search literally anything from the comfort of your bed or your chair. Really, you can do shopping from anywhere these days. And if you're like me, who LOVE online shopping, you can't miss Singles Day and Harbolnas at Zalora. From 11th to 14th November, you can enjoy awesome discounts from your favourite brands. And if you miss that, worry not! There is a second chance for you to get your favourite brands with great sale from 10th to 12th December. Your welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Now set up your phone alarm on both dates!

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