Put Your Best Pink Heel Forward

floral crown - Inspired by Luce, pale pink blazer - Mango, white tee - c/o Sacs Et Chaussures, stockings - PVJ booth, pink heels - Little Things She Needs

People judge you in the first seven seconds when they saw you. They gauge your attitude, your posture, eye contact, and facial expression. And you'll never know who will be your next boss, your next bestfriend, or even your future Prince Charming. So my suggestion is try to always smile and look confident. Stand up straight and relax your facial muscles so you don't look stress or angry. If you do look like that, people might just think you are an angry and stressful person. And well, that's not exactly  attractive. Thus, I always try to smile more and put my best pink heel forward.

How adorable this pink heels are! I love the fact that it's pink, obviously. But it also has the perfect height to walk around in for all day long. The white tee is from Sacs et Chaussures. Although I am not a t-shirt person, I thought I tried it out once in a while. I actually amazed how the tee made the whole outfit looks more "free". Sacs et Chaussures sells clothes and accesories. My favorite is this adorable yellow mustard shorts with studs.

Have a great Monday, all!

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