Collar Collector

 tosca blazer - H&M, orange blouse - HongKong, collar necklace - c/o Juerii, floral skirt - Zara, brown belt - CottonOn, brown sling bag - Carlo Rino, wedges - Zonzo

Yum, Hazelnut Latte with grassjelly!
As you probably can tell, I love collar necklaces. I love anything collar generally. I collect both detachable collar and collar necklaces. Therefore, when collars are gaining popularity, I was as excited as a kid on a Christmas morning. Collar necklaces add a finesse touch to your outfit and seeing them peering through your blazer/shirt collar is like spotting a gem. I have four so far and two of them including this one, are from the kind Juerii Shop. This one has beautiful pearls all around while the other one has white stones all over. (Click here and here to see how I styled it)

I haven't been feeling really happy or healthy lately. It's like the happines and the health is veiled with something that I can't quite place it. I do believe this is only a passing thing and the sun will continue to shine (as same with the pouring rain) and in one of those days, I will look around, and realized "hey, I'm actually happy. And I feel great!" 
Hence, I will keep going, and will be looking forward to that day..

"Even if happiness forgets you for a little bit, never competely forget it" - Jacques Prevert

Hopefully all of you will have a terrific weekend!

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