Vacation Diary : Pulsing City of HongKong

Hello, these are pictures from my super short trip to HongKong (4 and a half days  and 3 nights) last July. 
Yes, long due but I only got around to the pictures now (considering, I left my camera charger at home). Enjoy!

Touch down in HongKong. Pic was taken at Causeway Bay area where we were staying.
 With some of my favorite people here.  Miss them tons!
Our very 1st meal in HongKong at 11PM. We are that rebellious indeed.
Our 1st dimsum dish the next morning. Yum!
Ni hao ma! Day One walking around Harbor City, Kowloon, and also Mongkok for some shopping time.
Mr. Obama needs some support so out of love, we visited him at Madame Tussaud and help him solved some international issues.
At Victoria Peak. Loving the city lights..
Last stop for Day One. Symphony of Light at Victoria Harbour. Our feet was so sore we ended up sitting on the floor. It was worth it tho!

Day Two : Ngong Ping 360 to see the Giant Buddha.

One of the tastiest mochi I have ever encountered in my life. Maybe after taking all those steps kinda clouding my judgement too..
We spent the rest of the day shopping at Tung Cung factory outlet which is really close to Ngong Ping. They have many many brands with a fraction of price. We spent the night at Causeway Bay area visiting the famous 6-stories-Forever21.

Day Three : DISNEYLAND!!!
Yes, we wore matching t-shirts. Yes, we are that nerdy.

Got our geek on with eating any food that shaped like Mickey/Minnie Mouse.
Must do when you're in Disneyland, eat anything shaped like Mickey/Minnie, wore matching t-shirts, take pictures with a character, and of course, watch the Parade and the fireworks!
Day Four : Ocean Park! 
Must see : Ocean Theatre and Whiskers Theatre
Must visit : Old Hong Kong, Sea Jelly Spectacular, and The Grand Aquarium

A group shot one last time before we go home on the 8AM flight the next morning..

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For Indonesian, have  a blast on this long weekend.
And for everyone, please enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Aaaa Hong Kong! I always love this place <3 Kapan2 ke HK lagi harus ketemu deh haha anyway, blog header-nya lucu!


  2. Oh, I love all the photos! Bucket listed!

  3. never been there beforemand it seems fun <3

  4. Gorgeous! OMG HK my city :D

    Visit me too :D

  5. Must be so much fun! I'll be visiting Hongkong too this december ;) xx

  6. No fair! I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong. Everytime we go to Asia, we go to Shanghai, because that's where our family lives. But Hong Kong is definitely on our must list.
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  7. aww I so envy you right now!! must be fun :D

  8. aww HK seems to be so much fun!

  9. Waw,,somehow i found lots of blogger went to Hong Kong lately..haha..

    Happy holiday for you too..:D


  10. cute photos, love it much!

  11. Seems like u had a great time! What an interesting trip <3

  12. What a fun journey, Tepi!
    Aww, aku ga pernah ke Victoria Peak. Pdahal pas kapan itu ke HK kayak bertanya2 gtu apa yah namanya tuh gedung yg bisa liat HK dari atas, hahaha *norak pisan euy aku* :p

  13. omg i miss hongkong…i super love the hustle and bustle of the city. and the sights are amazing too!

    p.s. tung chung is a shopping haven right? LOL.

    ♥ bohemiam love at vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

  14. kamu jalan jalan terusss woy!! haha. kapan" kita nge trip bareng kyny seru baby :)


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