Stocking Up Stockings

Hello, just me and some of my favorite stockings dropping by to say hi. 

Now that the weather starts to cool down, I dust off my stockings box and let my stocking-friends  to breathe. They are extremely happy to see the sunlight again (although only for a brief moments before the rain pour down) and I also very excited to take them for a stroll around the town. Days have slowed down and I got 8 hours of sleep for two days on the row. Definitely feeling much better although there are still so many details to be done for this upcoming event called Emerge. A little bit frantic, but definitely excited! I have a full faith on my team :)

Back to the stockings, the first with the heart prints all over is from H&M. The second with dainty white flowers all over is from Forever21. The third with the tiny tiny pink flowers is from a stocking booth in PVJ mall. And the polkadots with bows one is also from PVJ. I am always on the hunt for cute stockings even in summer. They can take your outfit the next level and add some quirky points to the whole outfit.

Hopefully all of you is having a great Wednesday!

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