All The Red Dresses

Hi everyone!
I feel like after Halloween, the year always past by so fast and it's now time to prepare for my favourite holiday of the year, Christmas! Not only it's the most festive season but it's also the time to gather with your family and loved ones. You might see some distant relative that you'll only see once a year and you'll want to look your best.

Well, what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than rocking a red dress? I've compiled my top 5 picks from StyleWe. From a simple shirt dress to cute two piece dresses , there's one dress for each of you. My favourite is a tie between number 3 and number 5. I love the off shoulder dress but number 5 is so much more flattering on my body type. And the embroidery is gorgeous. You don't need to add any accessories with dress number 5. Bear in mind, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming soon so make sure you put to good use those amazing sales!

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Dress number 1 ->

Dress number 2 ->

Dress number 3 ->

Dress number 4 ->

Dress number 5 ->


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