Dancing Queen

Hi, guys!
Apparently it is time for prom. I'm clearly not in high school anymore so I never really remember when it's prom season. So yes, it's the moment to bring out the dancing queen inside you once again. I have always loved dancing and I found shorter length works best when you want to get your groovy on. Here I put together three short prom dresses which you can check out here and I've thrown in two long prom dresses (click here for direct link) that are lightweight and easy to move-in.
My favourite is obviously the fuchsia two piece taffeta with beaded bodice. I love the fun vibrant colour as well as the flattering A-line cut. Paired it with silver accessories to match the beads on your top and you're ready to jive and having the time of your life. A close contender is the almost backless prom dresses (top row, middle; direct link here). Obviously, the sexy back is a big factor but I also really like the soft pastel color.

If you're like me, and insecure about your upper arm, why not be different in a long sleeve prom dresses like this one right here. It does have some serious Elsa vibe and I don't hate it! Especially if you're prom theme is Winter Wonderland or something winter/ice related. The lace is super romantic and the waist details are very flattering for all kind of body type.
Not liking any of my choices? Worry not! AisleStyle has the uk prom dresses that you need. And for you who is on the budget, cheap prom dresses are also available here.

I am off for a week due to a vacation with my mom. I'll be away but I'll be home by Wednesday so I should have one post up on 23rd Nov .
Anyway, wishing everyone a great weekend!


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