Vacation Outfits

Hi, guys!
I got back from my holiday last night and still pretty much beat. I was sleepy all day long and would love nothing than to hit the bed but I want to put something up today since I missed Monday post. I thought instead of doing one post for each outfit, I just mashed them up together for a fresher take on my vacation outfits.

 Day One
You can say it's very very basic since comfort was my main concern for the four hours flight. Pardon my puffy face. I hadn't touched up my make up nor wore my soft lenses. I was wearing a Lolliestories shirt, Zara black jeans, New Look denim jacket, and Adidas Superstar shoes. I wore my soft lenses and added a Trinkets We Love chokers later on.
Day Two
Went to Disneyland that day and wanted to look fun so an overall dress it was. I was wearing Look Boutique Store top, MPink Closet denim overalls, Stradivarius slip ons, Longchamp neo bag, Daniel Wellington watch and a Rayban sunnies.

 Day Three
It was a city tour in Hong Kong which involves a lot of walking so again, comfort was my main goal. Added a denim vest for some dimension. I was wearing Rayban sunnies, Look Boutique Store top,  Trinkets We Love chokers, Zara denim jeans, Longchamp neo bag, Adidas Superstar shoes. 

 Day Four
Another city tour at Shenzhen. It didn't involved that much of walking so I add a little touch of pink color in the mix. I was wearing Rayban sunnies, Estrella pink top, Swarovski necklace, unbranded (I got it from Bangkok, I think?) brown pants, Longchamp neo bag, Daniel Wellington watch, and Stradivarius slip ons.

 Day Five
Yet another city tour in Macau this time. Bought this gingham print dress in Hong Kong for less than US$10 and it goes perfectly with my bag and shoes. If you noticed, this is my second dress in my vacation outfits. You really shouldn't be afraid to wear cute dresses when you travel. Just make sure they have neutral colors, comfy, and not too short! For cute dresses to accompany you on your vacation, you can Fashionmia. I was wearing Rayban sunnies, Swarovski necklace, unbranded dress, Zara leather jacket, Longchamp neo bag, Adidas Superstar shoes.

This dress from Fashionmia is a good option for staying cute on your travel.

Day Six
Last day itinerary was only a ferry ride to the airport and then another four hour flights so jeans is a must. I was wearing Victorie Clothing bomber jacket, Zara black tee, Trinkets We Love chokers, Alcott jeans, Longchamp neo bag, and Adidas Superstar shoes. Honestly, I wish had a darker wash on my jeans because I really don't like how my thigh looks here. But you work with what you have right? The key is just to be confident, I guess. For all of you plus size ladies out there, visit here more options of cheap plus size clothing.

This sweater is super cute! I love the Christmas vibe and the adorable pun for embracing your size. Fashionmia really does have great options for cheap plus size clothing.

Anyway, apologies if my photos are a bit weird in composition and I have my phone with me all the time. Traveling with mom is not actually the best time to take outfit shots because she always cut my legs. LOL. We had better shots now tho, since I used my phone as a remote so being out of focus is no longer an issue. Do look forward for my vacation diary :)
I also might do another HongKong shopping report!

Wishing everyone a good midweek.


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