Hidden Gem Bandung : IPAL Bojongsoang


Hi, everyone.

Today post is about this hidden gem in Bandung which is IPAL Bojongsoang. IPAL is a short term for Instalasi Pengolahan Air Limbah; so it is actually a waste water treatment area and it is owned by the government. To get here is not that difficult, just googled IPAL Bojongsoang and it will lead you straight to the place. 

There are some off road but not too much. It is accessible by car until some point you do need to walk. But the walk itself is not too far. Kids (age 4 and up) can definitely walk it but be careful since the path is narrow; they might fell into the lake.

You will need to pay; there is a person under an umbrella before you can get to the lake. But we got there pretty early and he wasn't there when we reach IPAL Bojongsoang. The fee is not fix and you pay as much as you want. We did gave some money (ten thousand rupiah) to the security guard who opened the gate for our car.

The view definitely lives up to expectation. 
We were blessed with a very blue sky even though it was very very windy. 
We got there around 8.30 AM so the sun was actually a welcome warmth against the wind. 
As for smell, some area does have a nasty smell. But other areas have no smell at all.

If you like photography then this place is for you! I know that some people took their prewedding photos here since with COVID-19, we can't actually travel abroad. 
If you just into nature, then this place is also for you! It is definitely healing to look at the magnificent view. Wouldn't recommend picnic tho since there is not much space. Maybe two to four people can sit but definitely not conducive a big group.

Husband flew our drone for some footage. Please look forward to the video ;)


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