How To Wear Vintage Earrings With Modern Clothes

Mixing old with new is nothing new. We've been doing this for a couple of decades with interior decor and jewellery. If you would like to wear statement vintage earrings with that sleeky modern dress, you have come to the right place.

Image source : Unsplash

Think Color

As vintage earrings are typically hanging designs, this gives you an opportunity to inject some colour into your look. If you are looking for unique vintage earrings Sydney has, for example, there are leading Australian antique dealers with stunning examples of genuine pieces at very affordable prices. You could look for a complete contrast to the colour of your outfit and have at least one other accessory in the same shade, which blanches out the look. Experimentation is the name of the game. Lay all your jewellery on the bed and mix and match with the chosen outfit. You'll be surprised at the outcome.


Longer earrings suit a round face and you can experiment with various pairs of earrings until you find something that works. If this is a special occasion and you don't have any vintage or antique earrings, a quick Google search will take you to the website of a reliable antique dealer who would have a great selection of earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

If It Feels Right

When dressing for an occasion, it is essential that you feel good the way you look. This is more important with how you think others will view you. Have a complete dress rehearsal in front of a full-length mirror and change a few accessories until you feel you have created a unique look that works with your personality.

Social Media

Yes, you can use Facebook to ask your friends which look they prefer. Simply take a few selfies and post them asking for votes. At least this will give you a heads-up on what others think, which might be enough to seal the deal. You can also use the Internet for fashion inspiration (Google Images is your best friend) and can bring you thousands of fashion photos, which are bound to give you some inspiration. Using your social media wall, you can test the reaction of your friends by posting a few selfies and numbering them.

Mixing Metal

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There was a time when this was taboo in high society, 'gold with gold' and such. However, today, we love to mix gold, platinum, sterling silver and any other metal. Mixing metal jewellery adds another dimension to the look. However, you should only wear one statement piece.

We are lucky in as much as the old, traditional etiquette rules are now out of the window and if you feel good with a particular look, that is all that really matters. Do be bold and experiment with various jewellery items. Try not to be influenced too much by fashions and trends. After all, we do want to enjoy the event.


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