Flower Power

I honestly would say a big fat NO to this dress if you asked me two year ago. LOL. But somehow, with unfathomable power, this flowery pattern has found its way to my closet for quite some time.. There's something very feminine and demure about this pattern and that was one of the reason I didn't wear flowery pattern much. I was known as the girly girl, the sweet shy one, and I guess I was just trying to break out of that stereotype. 

I used to wear a lot of black, almost no pink, black nails, leather jackets, lots of plaids, lots of oversized tee, baggy jeans, converses, and even a backpack. So that was me two years ago. If you saw my earlier posts, just when I started blogging, you'll see glimpses of my old self. However, as time progress, I realized it's exhausting to deny yourself. So what if I'm a girly girl? Honestly, even in a tee and jeans and converse, I still look girly. I did once want to be cool androgynous looking people. In my eyes, they were the 'IT' girl and only those kind of people who rule the world. I guess some common sense finally hit me and I learned to embrace my true self.

flowery dress - vintage from Chapel Street!, bag - Fiorelli, flower garland - ForeverNew, white sandals - Charles&Keith, pearl bracelet - H&M, ring - from Mom as usual

This is my last post with my long bangs. I cut it and also trimmed my hair. Not much of a length-change, I feel my hair a lot lighter tho, but the bangs changed quite a bit. Haha. Anyway, the sun is finally out here in Bandung! Took an outfit pic at last.. 
I'll be away for a few days for a short trip. Scheduled a post on Monday, with my new bangs, so be sure to come back and check it out :)

Hope everyone will have a splendid weekend!

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