Sponsor Spotlight : Doco Love

After months of saving, I finally able to bought an IPad2 which I am so excited about and I haven't been parted with it since.. *exaggeration*
I guess you can say I'm a tech-geek.. What can I say? I love the feeling of having the latest technology on my hand (when my bank account allows it). It is useful and it entertains in you in so many ways. I supposed, these days, it will be rather difficult for us to live without technology. Technology such as handphone, IPad, IPhone, Blackberry, has been our escape and our friend when we don't feel like being a social butterfly.. And.. It keeps you busy when you have nothing to do. Like when you're waiting for a friend to meet up at a fancy cafe, or simply when you're waiting by yourself in line for your turn. It will look rather sad when you just sit and look around in public when no one to accompany you...

And as a fashion-conscious people, I also concern about how my gadget will look like. As soon as I brought home my IPad, I turned to Doco store to protect my IPad, and on the plus side, it looks super sleek and chic. I love the dark brown color, how it suits my old school personality and style at its best. Haha.. Not to mention despite the sturdyness and toughness of the cover, it's extremely light! You can also engraved your name on the placard for additional fee of only US$2! 
The store provides covers for IPad1, IPad2, Blackberry pouch for gemini, javelin, torch, dakota, and Bellagio. For Samsung Galaxy Tab, it's coming up super super soon.

Do head over to www.doco-store.com for more information and ordering!

Outfit pics are coming up this weekend!


  1. I love your cover. It looks like a book but when you take a look inside you will be surprise that there an Ipad inside. Nice and unique. =)


  2. Is it only me who just notice your headblog or you just change it?

    either way, i love it.. :D it's pretty and dont forget about that pretty butterfly. :D

    Oh wow, i love that case, if only i have ipad myself..D: The case really elegant and simple. I also love the brown color and the gold plat on it. :3


  3. ooh congrats on getting a new ipad! I have one too but I don't actually end up using it that much out in public, when I'm waiting around for people or whatever- but if you got the one with internet, then time would definitely fly by haha! that case is so super duper cute. I thought you were just holding a book! I've already got a few covers but now I really want one like yours haha >_<


  4. oooh I've been saving my pennies for an ipad too!!! And I simply adore your ipad case/cover! It's geeky chic!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  5. it's sleek, classic sophistication.

  6. such a cute look ♥


  7. dear you look so awesome as usual :)

    hey! i have a giveaway on my blog :) join my first giveaway

  8. At first I thought you were holding a book because of the hard cover. hahaha.. so classic!

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

  9. Congratulations on your IPad2 purchase. I can't wait to get one. So many people are enjoying theirs. This was an excellent investment!!! I love the cover and the fact that you can even have it engraved makes it MORE PERFECT! Enjoy. :D

  10. beautiful glasses and pictures!! love the color of your blazer!!

  11. cute glasses. and nice ipad case ;)

  12. LOL, I love the cover! Look just like a real book!
    so cute.


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