Instagram Week Recap

I saw everyone in blogsphere doing this and it actually looks fun, therefore I thought I should give it a try. In addition, it has been raining all day everyday here in Bandung, hence, I haven't been able to take any outfit pictures. Boo.. But the good news is, I am definitely loving the cold weather and curling up in bed with hot coco <3

Taking selcas with sis while waiting for Mom who was busy shopping.. Haha

Blueberry muffin and milk for a rushed breakfast time!

This cat lives in my dad's waterpark and she's super friendly so my sis and I made her the mascot and named her Boom (taken from Waterboom. I know, we are super creative)

Hot chocolate.. Yummy!

My 87 year old grandma that still rocking! <3

Ah.. Monday blue..

Tried a new restaurant called Herb&Spice. The decoration is quite interesting and artistic with jars of spices and herbs everywhere. The food was quite tasty as well :)

Well that was from last week. 
I promise I'll try my best to find time to take outfit pictures!

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