Funky Town

Oasap was kind enough to send me this adorable tosca bag. It's small and it's perfect when I'm feeling like being hassle-free. I supposed everyone agrees that the smaller the bag, the freer you feel. Not to mention it's a sling bag so both my hands are free to do whatever they please. Anyway, Oasap has tons of adorable items and I spent hours drooling on their items. LOL. So quick visit their webstore!

Feeling a bit forlorn today so I decided to dress up as colorful as possible to lift up my mood. It succeed! I feel super funky in this blue and yellow ensemble. Felt there was something missing so I decided to throw on a pink blazer and tadaa! I'll see you in Funky Town!

retro sunnies - The Editor's Market Singapore, pink oversized blazer - Forever21, vintage blouse - Down Memory Lanes, choker necklace - Topshop, scalloped accented shorts - one of many FB store!, flats - MarieClaire, tosca bag - Oasap

Been wearing it every chance I got a.k.a. obsessed.

I'm exhausted. My body sores, my head aches like crazy, and my eyes are droopy. The four days trip was filled with good food and even better company (sisterly love!) and I'm currently sorting through hundred of pictures. I guess I'm calling it a night early today. I have to face the piling work we've been putting off for that trip. Totally worth it tho!
Sweet dreams, all <3

{Pictures are taken at Jalan Braga, Bandung}


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