Vacation Diary : Singapore, A Scrumptious Journey

Just some pictures from my latest trip to Singapore. My sister and I decided to indulge ourselves. Good food. Great shopping. Lots of walking. Lots of pictures. And of course, lots of laugh <3
Hope you enjoy these silly and mouth-watering pictures me and my sister took, since we are, silly always-hungry sisters!

The food court was really shady and Ashtons was the only one that looks.. convincing. LOL. We made the right decision!

I had a Midsummer Night Tea. It was.. Something else. I did drank all of it tho!

This lasagna has some tea infused in it. It wasn't bad. And I actually ended up really liking it.. I guess it took time for me to get used to the tea. It was just really really strong! Like a burst of spices and aromas within every bite.

This one wasn't disappointing at all. SO GOOD!

Stayed at Concorde Hotel at Orchard Road.

Went to watch Wicked at Marina Bay Sands Theater. My favorite line is from Galinda "It's good to see me again, isn't it?" LOL. She is just the funniest ever.

Had a sudden crave of sweets before lunch time so we went to High Society at Marina Bay Sands and ate chocolate cupcake and strawberry shortcake for me. Nom nom nom...

Pepper Lunch lunch! 

For a five dollar, it was totally worth it. I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning and touch everything although there are "don't touch" signs everywhere. As I said, a kid!

Strolled around ClarkeQuay area in the afternoon...

Had a Korean dinner at Seoul Yummy. It wasn't THAT yummy tho..

Ended up at Bakerzin to taste their most-famous-of macaroons! Theirs are one of the top 3 I tasted so far *happyface*

USS! For the young-at-hearts only.

For the strangest reason I thought Donkey Live was we were going to saw a real donkey with Donkey's voice as sub. And I was really excited about that. I know.. Too much of a kid for my age!

Went to Charlie Brown cafe at Sommerset 313 after dinner at Botak John's (at Youth Park) to meet up with a friend. And no, there's nothing wrong with fringe at all. *denial*

For the last day, my sister and I decided to take pictures at Istana Park. Located just behind of our hotel. The park is beautiful, serene, and clean and you can see it's so taken care of! I couldn't help but sighing.. Wishing there's just ONE place like this in Bandung..

Had a Victorian lunch at Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery. The place is so darling. A must visit, I must say.

Yes it's quite good but I must say, with the price, it could've taste richer a little bit.. The portion is big! Even my sister and I couldn't finished it.

The ice cream was mango flavored. And I just.. Don't get it. I guess it's too "royal" for us.

Banana Buz is the bezt!

So that's all from me. It's almost midnight here and I promised myself I'll be in bed by midnight every night. 
I guess, it's a good night! And sweet dream for everyone.

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