My Little Vintage Affair

How is everybody in blogsphere?
I feel really pumped right now!! Definitely had too much chocolates. On Monday, I decided to make rhumballs for my family. It made out of crushed cookies, thick chocolate milk, a few spoons of rhum basically just mixed together in a bowl, made into a tiny ball,  covered it with chocolate ceres meises, let it cold for an hour or two on the fridge, and voila! A yummy-chocolate-overloaded snacks. I ate 3 already today and it's only 8 o'clock. You can see how it looks on my tweet right here.

Wore this vintage on vintage on my last day in Singapore. I really like taking so much pictures in 4 straight days and I can go being a lazy-bum for the next two week without concerning about taking outfit pictures for my blog. Strange enough, I do miss being self-absorbed and the sound of clicking from my camera's timer. It's like the sound of chirping birds for me. Very soothing and just something you're so familiar of. I know, I'm weird.

vintage white shirt & red vintage dress - thrifted, necklace - KwinsShop, bag - Mango, sunnies - Zara, black loafers - Bellagio

I'm excited to go out and meet my friends this weekend. It has been quite some time (a little over a month!) since we had girls night out. And I have tons of packages that are on their way to my thrilled excited self. Hope I can speed up time and just skipped the rest of the weekdays and go straight to weekend. Well, a girl can dream, right?

Some of you probably heard about the rumor on how google is going to cancel the GoogleFriendConnect app. Therefore, to stay connected, I encouraged you guys to follow me on below links.

PS. Just recently joined What I Wear. I think it could be the next big thing. Join now!

{Pictures are taken at Istana Park, Singapore}

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