Three Ways

Finally a new post! I was sick AGAIN. I'm not sure what is up with my immune system lately. Not too happy about it tho.. Boo.. I'm starting to take vitamins again and I guess I should stopped being such a nocturnal. Trying my best to be in bed by midnight and can only hope I stop getting sick!

Enough whimpering, last weekend, as I mentioned, I went to Jakarta for a short meet up (actually I had a wedding and a birthday. Quite busy weekend indeed) with my darling friends :)

Me, my sister (from Little Thing About Life), and my friend, Winny from fashion is talking about style decided to get on board with the fishtail skirt trend. Our friends told us we look like we're about to perform or something. I do think so! With our colorful outfit and our different style.. It's fun to see how one interpret a trend! Although, I must say, Winny and I have such similar styling! ;p

watch- Guess, necklace - PVJ, orange blouse - HongKong, skirt - ShaSha, flatform - Zonzo

Apologies for the photo-frenzy.. We had a photographer on board so.. It was inevitable.. Most pictures credit to Andy Gunawan. Do visit his photography web and prepare to be amazed <3

all pictures were taken at Ocha & Bella.
Address : Morrissey Hotel, Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim no. 70, Menteng, Central Jakarta

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