Lazy Creatures

Went to Tarunga Zoo which was quite a trip since to get there we need to take ferry then a bus. Despite the beautiful and adorable architecture and decoration, I was quite disappointed since all the animals seemed to be hidden asleep and there were a lot of night creatures that I couldn't see :(

Made some changes to the layout.. Out of boredom.. Haha.. Been a slow Saturday!
Hope you like it!

sunnies - Zara, tee - ShaSha, blazer - Gowigasa, shorts - BugisStreetMarket, bowbelt - Magnolia
 loafers - Rubi, bow necklace, bag & watch - Forever21

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Aw your top is soooo cute! I love the color. And your short is more cute hehe. Such a cute outfit, dear :)


  2. Adorable outfit, especially all the bows. (:

  3. your top and blazer are so cute! :3
    I love your new header, Stev.. but your font is not really an eye-friendly..

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

  4. you look gorgeous. love your bow belt and the header layout is nice :)

  5. wow.. That's a very pretty and well-matched outfit !! loved ur shorts..

    PS- following u now.. Would be glad if you visit my blog sometime & follow me back : )

  6. I love ur glasses :D good job dear!

  7. a ferry & a bus, then it was a big letdown? ugh. you looked great in your gold accented bow shorts with your gold bow necklace, your puffed sleeved blouse, your tasseled shoes, & your round gold framed sunglasses. :)

  8. Amazing outfit, love the sunglasses. I really enjoy all your posts :)

    Check out
    Xoxo, Maya <3

  9. Your sunnies are so cute and the whole look is very stylish! Really like your top!

  10. you look so cute..and i love the new lay out..good job ye!

  11. adorable outfit!! too bad u couldn't see too many animals =[

  12. Stevia my friend long time no chat
    gorgeous outfit! LOVE IT!
    so kawai!

    visit me if you want:

  13. You have the cutest style, I love it!

  14. Awww, this outfit is so sweet and everything is so adorable! You always have the cutest looks :)


  15. thanks for your lovely comment on my camel&elephants look dear (sorry late reply)!
    actually i found this burgundy jeans in Plaza Semanggi, in a random fashion booth yg lagi sale hehe.. by luck bgt nemunya hehehe :P

    yeah, Putche is my photographer & I do the same favor in retur ;)

    btw, i love this look, it's so cute! i am looking for that kind of loafer, where do you buy that shoes dear?

    xoxo, izzaura

  16. Great blouse and sunnies!!

  17. cute photos

    nice blog there ♥

    am following you

    follow me back and kindly visit mine ♥ lovelies

  18. Something highwasted and a pretty collar put together in one outfit can never go wrong! You look lovely :)



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