Fashion Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


Hi, everyone.
Today I want to talk about fashion mistakes you can easily avoid! Now it's definitely not a crime to wear clothes in any way you want it, but with these easy tips, you can not only look more put together, but also, appears more expensive. Without further ado, here are some fashion mistakes you can easily avoid.

Wearing Ill-Fitting Clothing

On the left I wore a very baggy and too-long shirt; shortening my legs. My waist is also missing. On the right, I switched to a cropped shirt to highlight my waist and elongates my leg. Switching from flats to a nude heels also helps to make you look taller.
Wearing ill-fitting clothing is something you can easily avoid by knowing what looks good for you. It took a lot of trial and error but taking a body type test really helps. So far I really like the Kibbe body type test instead of the fruit body type. Kibbe body type does require a lot of reading but it's worth it. But in general, you'd want to highlight your favorite body part. Do notice that there is no one ideal body type. Each body is beautiful, you just need to wear clothing that makes you feel more confident.

Wearing Wrinkled Clothing

This one is definitely something I've done again and again but I will try to do less; wearing wrinkled clothing. It goes without saying that wrinkled clothing makes your outfit looks cheap and not professional. You should iron or steam your wrinkled clothing before you wear it. If possible, prep your outfit the night before so you have time to iron it.

Wearing the wrong underwear

One of my biggest pet peeve seeing people wearing black bra under a white top. Now I get it; there are some who thinks it's a fashion statement and that is fine. However, if you want to look put together; more professional; or just meeting the in-laws; I highly recommend to NOT do this. Nude or white bra is preferred but wearing a white tank top underneath is the best solution.

Here I wear a white tank top on top of my nude bra. 

Not Wearing Seamless Underwear

Another pet peeve of mine is seeing panty lines or bra lines on someone's clothing. While it's not a crime, I think an outfit looks a lot more luxurious without those lines. Seamless underwear is the solution. I only wear non seamless underwear while I'm at home.

Wearing the wrong color

I know for a fact that I look washed out in neutral colors. Black is not really my color either unless I'm wearing a red lipstick.I definitely look more alive in either pastel or vibrant colors. It is yet another trial and error to know which colors will look good on you. White in general looks great on everyone. Be careful with colors since anything too yellow or too cool can makes a world of difference to your skin tone. If someone compliment you in a certain color, then that could be your best color. I do find this post is very helpful to find your best color.

I hope you enjoy this post and don't take it too seriously. While I think you should avoid these mistakes, it is absolutely fine to wear whatever you want however you want it. But if you want to look your very best, these tips can be helpful.


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