Re-Decorating to Destress


Do you know re-decorating a room in your house can help you destress? Completing a task can releases dopamine in your brain which makes you feel good. Personally, home decor is a tiny passion of mine. With the pandemic still going strong, a lot of us are spending majority of our time inside the house so it's a good idea to keep your house looking as cozy and as cute as you can manage. I love finding cute and functional items to add to my room.

Last year plants takes social media by the storm and it seems like everyone I know is buying and adopting more and more plants. Now, I don' have a green thumb and I will be very sorry to the plants that I'd take home with me, so it would be ideal for me to just get fake plants. That doesn't mean I can't get creative with the vases tho!

Look how adorable this flower shaped acrylic vase from Aoin is. I think this will look very cute in a corner with just one or two flowers. Very Pinterest-is aesthetic. The colors are on point as well. This vase is also available in a few other colors. I do think the clear one is the best tho.

And if you're like me, who can't keep plants alive for more than a few weeks, artificial plant is the answer! I think succulent plants like these two are adorable when you buy in threes. You can line them up in the front of your mirror or a big canvas art. There are plenty best house plants for sale on Aoin.

Check out how adorable those tiny succulents in front of the mirror are. You can also use other plants that are small so it won't block your reflection.

For more inspo on decorating your home, head no further than to Aoin.


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