I wore this blue dress on my very first outfit post. And it is rather embarrassing that I am not very creative. I just changed the belt and the hat. Yes I am a creature of comfort and gravitate towards similar things. 

Weekend is here! Yeay! Any special plans? 
Mine include a wedding invitation tomorrow night and a bowl of free porridge tonight! Yum!
Yes.. We're Asians, we love our porridge. You might think it's a sick person food. For us, it's a yummy everyday meal!

 I feel a little 1920's with my hat  (yes I totally googled the year). 
It has been collecting dust (literally, I was sneezing non-stop when I cleaned the hat) at the back of my drawer and it was one of those thing when you know you just had to wear it today. 
Do you ever have one of those feeling? 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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