Fish Out of Water

Lately that's how I've been feeling. I feel like I'm in a place where I just don't belong and I found myself gasping for fresh air. Or any air for that matter. Any air that doesn't make me feel like I'm a failure. Any air that doesn't make me feel anything I do is never right.  I cry myself to sleep at night and sometimes when I wake up. 
I know I never said anything so far and it looks like I have the perfect life. Well, I don't have a perfect life. We are all only human after all.

Look how smiley and fun my pictures are. I could won an Oscar.

I apologies for such a forlorn post, dolls. I am feeling blue. And if only I have blond hair and shrink to a thumb size, I could proclaim myself as Smurfin and join all other Smurfs to drink sarsaprilla until I drunk.

I promise next post wouldn't be as depressing.


  1. Love this outfit darling. The colors are so lovely. Your photos look like you had soo much fun. XX

  2. aw I'm sorry that you feeling blue. My life is blue too but I tried to find the little things that make me feel happy so I could stay sane lolz ^^. Gud luck! and thank you for such lovely post

  3. Let me give you a big hug sweetie.

    Nobody's life is perfect, you just gotta take the positives and discard the negatives.

    Crying is good and therapeutic, so just let it all out. ♥

    You look lovely btw, I adore your nail polish.

    Be well, okie? Remember every dark cloud has a silver lining.

    The Cat Hag

  4. so sad to hear you're feeling blue i understand completely sometimes we just have those down days when nothing seems right but i promise you'll get through it maybe you need a girls night out or something to help cheer you up? thanks for the comment and you're such a lovely girl no need to be down

  5. Hi, Stevia..
    I understand what you're feeling right now.. But I believe you're gonna get through it.. Cheer up, Stevia :)

  6. The first picture is so stunning. Like this fun photo shoot! x

  7. it's a cute dress :)
    the color is such like
    'koki; fish colour :)

  8. cute dress :)
    the color is such like 'koki' fish color !

  9. Awwwww Love the color dear, you notice us this is summer here! ^^

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo,

  10. i love your smiley and fun photos, they're so cute! love the color of your shirt and those wedges too. i hope you cheer up!! <3shelby

  11. i like the color combination!
    Very vibrant top..

  12. So cute it! Perfect for spring and summer!

    hugs and kisses by Mani

  13. Cheer up =) =) =)!!!!! You as you are is so unique =) and to be different is the spice of life! =)

    And on another note you look SUPER CUTE =)
    I love your top it's really pretty. It reminds me of the tops that Marc Jacobs sent down the runways tucked into the billow-y midi skirts with the obi belts pulling it all together.

    Keep your chin up!!!


    p.s. I hope all the smiley faces gave you a smile =)

  14. such a cute look very pretty!

  15. p.s. I gave you an award =)

  16. I hope you start to feel better. I think everyone goes through that point where they are not so sure of anything and everything seems to be going different from planned...believe me I've been there. It all gets better.

  17. That first picture makes your top look like a balloon. I love it because of this. You look like you could fly away. In your balloon top.
    That's actually a huge compliment. I don't know if it came off that way.
    I'm so awkward.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  18. Lovely outfit, I love the colour of your top.

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling blue. I hope that things get better soon.


  19. You look so cute! I love that color on you.
    xo Josie

  20. that shirt is sooo pretty! its all flowy and the color is perfect for spring!
    and I love your shoes! :)

  21. love the nail color and wedge
    such cute photos :)

  22. Eek, I've been a little blue too lately..but I think it's all this blasted rain we're getting..grr. Hope you are feeling happy soon:) You look amazing and I absolutely love everything this boho inspired outfit. The top is perfect and I'm just loving that coral color right now!

  23. I want your orange shirt.
    I am sorry for whatever you are going through. Hope all well getter.


  24. These pictures are beyond beautiful! great blog!

  25. i hope your not blue anymore, you pictures are darling :)

  26. love the mix of fresh colors!

  27. That outfit looks so colorful and beautiful!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  28. hope you feeling better:)) love the first photo, running for joy:P

  29. You are too adorable :) I love that coral top, it's so perfectly light and airy that it just screams summer! I hope you feel better soon <3

  30. Lovely top! You look so cute. =)

  31. I do hope you're feeling better! :(
    I just wanted you to know, that you are a really nice person, I've only been reading your blog since today, but I love it already! And you are extremely pretty! I find myself really looking to seeing your new outfit posts :)
    And lastly, on a slightly different chain of thoughts, I absolutely adore this outfit! It's so flow'y, it's great! :D

    Hope you're feeling less blue,
    Walabean xox


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