Just Peachy

How was your Friday the 13th, bloggers? 

I was so prepared for unfortunate events to come. My 1st unfortunate event was I had to wait for an hour for a facial. The appointment was at 9 but the lady who usually give me my facial was late. Oh well.. I get to play make up with all the tools provided by Shisheido! Yeay! So I guess that turned out to be okay..

2nd unfortunate event was when I was about to send my giveaway package. I went to 2 post offices and both are closed. Also, both won't be open until Monday. Today, I tried my luck and went to another post office and it was open! Yeay! So I was successfully sent my packege. Mission completed!

I got this almost-blazer-like cardigan a week ago. I never get around to wear them for some reason. Now I couldn't understand why! The fabric is light and the color is just pretty.

My mom thinks I'm crazy pairing the cardigan with this skirt. 
Mother darling, it's called being unpredictable!

Have a peachy weekend everyone!
And yes, let's eat peaches for the whole weekend!

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