Furla Metropolis Mini "Mini" Review

NOTE : I am currently selling this bag via Tokopedia. Here's the link https://www.tokopedia.com/warungmall/furla-mini-metropolis-ocean-blue-authentic

Hey, guys!
I recently purchased a Furla Metropolis in mini size. Currently, in my town, this is sort of the it bag. I understand Chloe Drew bag is the most coveted in blogging world, but in real life, the Metropolis one is selling out very quickly (probably because the $1000 price difference) and I've seen dozens of ladies sporting this adorable cross body bag.

I shall give you my mini review about this bag. Do excuse the terrible pun at the title.
Size wise, the name says it all. It is a mini bag and I can't fit much in it. I was carrying : my iPhone 6, a pouch with a power bank and the cords, a hand sanitizer, and I put my money and two cards at the back slot. This is definitely a special event bag or a night out bag since you can't put your life inside. I do love how I can wear it with jeans and still looks great with a dress. I even plan to wear this bag to a wedding.

I had concerns about how thin the strap is but since the bag is small, you can't fit too much in it, hence, there's no problem about the strap digging in to your shoulder. The chain doesn't tangled with my hair too, which is a big point in my book since I have a long hair. The snap closure is easy to open, a little tricky to close tho. I need to look at the bag to make sure the snap closed perfectly. I think an additional magnet will help but to me it's not a big issue.
Priced at $500 (I bought at 5,2 juta rupiah at Furla flagship store) it has the quality we all could expect from an Italian craftsmanship. I haven't had any problem with scratching on the leather and so far water didn't do anything as long as I wipe it quickly. There are four button feet at the bottom and I love the details because it make sure the leather at the bottom stays clean. It comes with a lock thingy but I kept it inside the dust bag.

All in all, I will most definitely recommend people to buy this bag. For $500 and having an Italian Made bag is such an investment. The simple rectangular shape really is for everyone and it comes in so many pretty colors.

Thank you for reading and have a happy weekend!
Apologies for so many photos, I love my new hat too much ;D

top - Estrella // ripped jeans - Stradivarius
hat - thrifted // Metropolis mini bag - Furla // wedges - Vincci


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