Wild Grass Bandung

As expected, even more restaurants and new cafes popping up here in my beloved Bandung town. This one is quite new. I think it's not even three months since Wild Grass first opened. The place is located at Ciumbeleuit area near Miss Bee (read my Miss Bee review here).

I went there on a Sunday afternoon and the place was packed. Luckily we didn't have to wait listed but there were a wait list after we get to our seat. The place has no air condition and it was a little hot despite the cool breeze of Bandung weather. Probably because there were so many people.

This place is huge and definitely family friendly (group friendly too, if you like to eat with a lot of people). Interior were industrial for sure. I have no comment there. Service were so-so. I didn't expect a lot tho since the place just opened and they had a full house. My friend order were mixed up somehow so she canceled her order because she already wait for an hour and the waiter said there are 3 more order before the chef start cooking hers. I felt bad for my friend but it wasn't actually a surprise to me for a mix up to happen on such a busy lunch hour. The rest of us also waited for about half an hour before our food came out. And drinks were even worse. I think it was 45 mins before we started to get our drinks.

Permesan Pesto Crusted Tenderloin (75k)
Despite being a Wild Grass specialty, this one didn't live up to its standard. 
The meat was chewy and the seasoning was not quite there yet.

Not sure what this one called. A pork knuckle? I assume.. 
But my friend seemed to enjoy this one. 

Ultimate Burger (59k)
My boyfriend like it and it is very fulfilling.

Strawberry Mango Dream (33k)
This one is good. Fresh but still tastes sweet.

Wild Grass
Jalan Kareumbi no. 10, Ciumbeleuit
022 - 82602840
Instagram : @wildgrassresto

Included below are the complete menu (so many of them to choose!)


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